Creating a Cleaning Schedule

By Nicole Tinkham

Now’s the time to learn a little something about me. I tend to get in a certain schedule of doing things (my husband always tells me I’m OCD but I disagree). Anyway, here are some of the things I do on specific days at specific times like clockwork: I must get a Zumba workout in every other day, I read my book everyday but it has to be after I eat dinner and shower, I watch my TV shows every Monday and Thursday nights, Saturday mornings are always waffles for breakfast, and I clean the entire house every Saturday. The cleaning part is what I’m going to focus on today. I feel like cleaning the entire house all at once is exhausting, overwhelming, and a huge weekend time suck. My problem is just wanting to get it all done at once but I know there are better ways of getting it all done throughout the week so it doesn’t take up my entire Saturday afternoon. Today I’m going to make a cleaning schedule and enjoy more of my Saturday!

So I researched how to go about coming up with my own cleaning schedule and began putting all sorts of tips in this blog post. Then I realized that there are endless free templates and cleaning checklists out there (especially on Pinterest – just take a look at THIS board). Since I’m new to this whole cleaning schedule thing, I decided to trash all those tips and just jump right in by following a pre-made schedule. I can always modify the schedule and possibly create my own once I get into the swing of things. Here are some of my favorite cleaning checklists that look like they’re worth trying.

1. A super simple schedule – Notice you won’t be doing anything on Sundays (now that’s my kind of schedule)! FREE Cleaning Routine Printable via Clean Mama

2. Detailed schedule – I like that there’s a specific focus each day.
Free Printable Weekly Cleaning Chart #cleaningtips #housekeeping #chorelist #chart #schedule #home #diy #cleaning

3. This one’s easy enough plus you get Fridays off, perfect for a date night!
My Daily Cleaning Schedule {a free printable}

4. Monthly cleaning calendar (I prefer the simpler layouts but this may be perfect for someone more organized and even more scheduled than I am).
Get organized this month with the Clean + Organized 2013 - FREE Cleaning Schedule for October with Deep Cleaning Suggestions via Clean Mama
5. What you should do throughout the year and how often – Good to know!
house cleaning list

6. Fill out your own (if you know what you’re doing)
Weekly Cleaning Schedule #freeprintable

Which one of these schedules I’ll try first, who knows but I’m ready to get started! Many of these actually look simple and achievable which will most likely mean less stress on me. Since I am NOT a cleaning expert whatsoever, please leave any tips and ideas in the comment box below!


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