14 Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

By Nicole Tinkham

I may be a unique girl but I’m not a fan of huge Valentine’s Day celebrations with fancy gifts. I enjoy going out with my husband to dinner every year and that’s all I ever expect. Of course I’m not going to turn down a box of candy, though! I must admit, it is fun getting Justin a little something just to say “I love you”. Last year I got him a few comic books which ended up being a little more pricey than I thought! With Valentine’s Day less than a week away and with no gift ideas so far, I need to come up with something (and I’m sure there are other girls out there in the same situation). It’s easy for guys to shop for their ladies – flowers and chocolate are perfect – but what do you get your man? Here are a few ideas that won’t break the bank.

1. Custom Key Chain
If you go onto Zazzle, you can create custom key chains for about $4! Be sure to add a personal message or photo (an inside joke would be perfect).

Idea from: Reader’s Digest

2. Love Note

message in a bottle

You may tell your hubby how much you love him and appreciate the things he does on a daily basis but it’s nice to get those sweet words down on paper every once in awhile. Hand write the note for a personal touch (bottle optional).

Idea from: Reader’s Digest

3. Make a Terrarium 

An Office Plant to Brighten Up His Cube

OK, maybe I like this idea more for myself but your man may like it for the office as well! (Only costs about $5!)

Idea from: Pop Sugar

4. The Man Cave Book

The Man Cave Book

Every man wants a man cave and if they can’t have one, they WILL dream about one (Justin has been planning his man cave for weeks now and we don’t even have a loan to buy a house yet). If you don’t want to get your man the book, you can always find a cool accessory for his man cave (or future man cave).

Idea from: Pop Sugar
Buy book here: Amazon

5. Man Candles

Man Candles
In the case your man doesn’t particularly enjoy the girly scent of your candles, get him “man” candles with the scents of pizza, sawdust, and fresh cut grass. (This may be something he should keep in the man cave!)

Idea from: Pop Sugar
Buy man candles here: Uncommon Goods ($15)

6. DIY Instagram Canvas Print

Here’s another accessory perfect for the man cave. Get a cool looking photo of something he loves and turn it into wall art. By doing it yourself you can save a ton of money! Learn how to do it here.

Idea from: Pop Sugar

7. Bacon Spread

Bacon Spread
Your man loves bacon (they all do) so get him this bacon spread from Skillet. He can put it on sandwiches, burgers, and just about anything (and everything).

Idea from: Pop Sugar
Buy it here

8. Old School Toys and Pranks

Bad Boy Bag
This gift set has classic pranks that your hubby will definitely love pulling on you.

Idea from: Real Simple

9. Sauces and Spices
Dave’s Gourmet Sauces “Ultimate Insanity” Collection
If your man is the chef of the house, he may love to try out new spices and sauces.

Idea from: Real Simple 

10. Food

Cupcake with candy cane heart accent

The one thing my husband loves most (possibly more than me) is food. Make his favorite meal or desert and he will be one happy hubby!

Idea from: Real Simple

11. Crossword Puzzle

Crossword puzzle

Wow, I never knew this but you can actually make custom crossword puzzles at puzzlemaker.discoveryeducation.com. It may be time consuming but creating a puzzle based on your relationship is the cutest idea!

Idea from: Real Simple

12. Quality Time Together

Nothing’s more romantic than spending quality time together. Take a long walk, go bowling, or stay in and watch movies together.

Idea from: The Huffington Post

13. Make a Playlist

Hit up iTunes and create a playlist with songs you both love and songs that remind you of moments in your relationship.

Idea from: About.com

14. Re-create your first date

Reminisce on the first date with your love (for us it’s visiting the aquarium). This will bring back that exciting first date feeling.

Idea from: My brain

OK, so that worked for me (and hopefully you too). I now have a ton of ideas for Valentine’s gifts for Justin, I just have to narrow it down to one! There are many great ideas out there so be creative and do something special this year!

What is the best Valentine’s gift you have ever given?


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