The New and Improved (me and you)

It’s obvious that I’ve failed when it comes to my New Year’s resolution in maintaining a weekly blog. My topic choices were random and I couldn’t (or was just too lazy to) do all the research that went into them on the weekends. I actually write posts for work during the week and was just lacking the motivation to write a personal/informational blog on on my free time. I want to appologize to my millions (ha!) of readers.
One good thing that has come out of ditching the blog is that I had more time to make improvements on myself. I started off with the Abs Diet which basically taught me how to eat healthy(er). After I moved into my new apartment, I focused on exercise. I was addicted to Zumba in the past (and still am) but needed something more. I recently completed P90x and lost a total of 7 lbs. I am currently doing the P90x workout AGAIN (I know, I’m crazy) to tone up even more.
One thing that has made a huge impact on my self-image is actually beauty products. I admit it, I’ve been spoiling myself with quality beauty products that I never thought I could afford. I’ve seen Birchbox on Facebook before and decided to give it a go. I recently celebrated my 3rd Birchbox-iversary by treating myself to one of the products I sampled and another that just intrigued me. Hint: I racked up my reward points to make the purchase because as always, I’m on a budget.
There’s your update on ME, now onto you! I’m changing up the blog to give you beauty tips, Birchbox product reviews, and maybe even an inside look on my journey through P90x, round 2. I won’t be doing research on various topics I know little about. For now on, this blog will feature real-life “stuff” that I (we) go through to feel our best inside and out.
Stay tuned to find out what I purchased in the Birchbox store this week!
Learn about Birchbox here:

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