How to Apply Nail Wraps the EASY Way!

As mentioned in the last post, I purchased ncLA nail wraps on a whim last week with my Birchbox order. I just absolutely LOVED the fun designs, the blue/purple colors (my fav), and the fact that I no longer have to wait for what feels like half a day for my polish to dry! So over the weekend I gave the wraps a try. Here’s how it went down..

FIRST I did my typical nail prep which included removing the boring polish I already had on there, file, and trim my cuticles. Oh and I threw on a base coat. Here’s the oh so exciting prep step:

NEXT comes polish time. Now you can very well use the nail wraps on all nails however, I thought putting the wraps on the ring fingers only would be a more subtle look. I used a cool purple/blue polish that matched well with the wraps to still get that fun look. Anyway, I chose to use Sally Hansen’s Black and Blue polish (skipping the ring finger) as shown below (2 coats).
FINALLY comes the fun part, applying the wraps! You’ll notice the wraps come in a variety of sizes for each nail. Choose the correct size and place on nail close to the cuticle. Use the handy file that comes with the wraps and file the wrap down to the end of your nail. It’s actually easier than it sounds and really, it doesn’t sound too difficult, does it? Here’s what it looks like in “action”..
FINISH up by applying a top coat and celebrating because you just gave yourself a stylish mani at home!! Even by only wrapping the ring fingers, it gives a completely different look than just using your typical polish. Check out my purdy nails and let me know what you think!
By the way, it’s now day 4 and no chipping/peeling of the wraps. These will probably last longer than my polish!


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