9 Healthy Snacks for When You Get the Munchies

The hardest part about healthy eating is getting the munchies. All you want to do is eat an entire bag of chips or devour a carton of ice cream. The key to eating healthy snacks is to know what you like and have it easily available. Cut up your cucumbers and slice your watermelon because you will NOT want to do the prep work when you’re in a snack emergency (a snack emergency is defined as wanting NEEDING a snack asap). If you’re looking for some healthy snack ideas to have on hand, here are my favorites.

1. Cucumbers & Ranch 

When you’re craving snacks with a crunch, instead of grabbing a bag of chips go with a crisp cucumber. I usually dip mine in Ranch (fat free of course) but I also make cucumber salad adding some chopped onions, lemon juice, and a dash of salt & pepper. 

2. Peanut butter 

Peanut butter is the one thing that saved me when I started eating healthier. Whenever I get cravings for sweets, I turn to peanut butter because it satisfies AND actually fills me up. I’ll eat it on apples, toast (whole grain), or just by itself with a glass of low fat milk. I suggest giving natural peanut butter a chance. At first , the oil sitting on top really grossed me out but there are tricks to mixing it up (which I’ll talk about in a future blog)  that make it much better. Now it’s the only peanut butter I’ll eat!

3. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are WAY too yummy to be healthy but believe it or not, they are! You can chop them up and throw them in the oven to make fries or bake them. To make baked sweet potatoes, simply rinse and poke holes (about 4) with a fork. Wrap with a damp paper towel and microwave for about 8 minutes. These are often my after work snack! 🙂

4. Watermelon

Everyone was always in shock when I’d tell them I’m not really a watermelon person but for some reason I can’t get enough of them these days. I could seriously eat an entire watermelon in one sitting (and no, I’m not pregnant!).

5. Grapes

If it’s not watermelon than it’s grapes, my other fruit addiction. The beauty of grapes is there’s little prep work. Just pop em in your mouth!

6. Cottage Cheese & Blueberries

My FAVORITE morning snack! They say you should eat 3 meals a day with snacks in between and this is my absolute go to mid-morning snack at work. 10:00 rolls around and my mouth is literally watering. Alright, that’s gross I don’t really drool over it but I do crave it. Tip: Get low fat cottage cheese, it’s still yummy!

7. Dark Chocolate

You can try to avoid it but eventually you WILL cave. I’m talking about those chocolate cravings you have every month. Instead of milk chocolate go with dark chocolate.. with peanut butter.. YUM!
8. Almonds

Back to those chocolate cravings.. if dark chocolate doesn’t float your boat try almonds. I hear eating them can satisfy your cravings. 
9. Greek Yogurt

Wow almost forgot about this one and it’s something I ALWAYS keep stocked in my fridge! Greek yogurt is full of protein, comes in yummy flavors, and is great for on the go. 

Now that I’m officially hungry, share with me YOUR favorite healthy snack. Comment below! 🙂


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