Share YOUR PiYo Experience!!

As you may know, I’ve been all about fitness these days. It all started with P90x. Once I became a P90x grad, I didn’t want to stop and lose the results I worked so hard for so I started the program AGAIN. While I LOVE the P90x workout, I need something new in my life. That’s when I discovered PiYo with Chalene Johnson. With the Yoga/Pilates combo, PiYo looks to be great for toning which is exactly what I need. I’m definitely looking forward to starting this workout once I’m finished with round #2 of P90x (beginning of November). I like the idea of a 60 day workout which seems like a piece of cake compared to the 90 days of P90x. Also, the workouts average 30 minutes each so no more hour and a half yoga sessions!

Basically, I just wanted to update everyone of what I plan to do next and I’d LOVE to hear what you think! Have you completed or are currently doing PiYo? How has your experience been? Would you recommend it? I want to know EVERYTHING!! Even progress photos if you have them! I look forward to hearing from YOU!


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