Workout Motivation You Need in Your Life Right NOW!

I feel like I’ve been the ultimate motivation for those around me these days. My drive to become the fittest I’ve been in my life has been a huge inspiration to family, friends, co-workers, & people who read my blog? (hopefully). I LOVE being that person. The one that’s always like “Ok, you can do this. Let’s start TODAY. This is what you need to do..” But I must admit, sometimes even I need a little boost. Whenever I’m feeling a little “blah” (you know what I mean), I look up fitness quotes, trainers on Facebook (Chalene Johnson is my go to profile right now since I’ve been rockin PiYo), success stories, magazines, etc. I’m going to share with you some motivation found around the amazing web that hopefully will get you back into routine or motivate you to start!

First of all, a little about me. Marriage, although a happy time, also lead to a downfall in my health and weight. I guess I was just too happy and comfortable to care (that’s what marriage does to you). We were also eating a ton of JUNK which didn’t help the situation at all. At my heaviest, I believe I was about 165 lb. I started doing Zumba on my Xbox Kinect and dropped weight instantly. Then the weight loss magically stopped so I had to try something new. I got myself into P90X, built a ton of muscle and lost a few more pounds. Didn’t know where to go from there so I did ANOTHER round of P90X (crazy, right). Then I discovered PiYo and found my ideal workout. Upon starting PiYo, I weighed in at about 131 lb. I’ve been doing it for almost 3 weeks now and am down to 124 lb. That’s 7 lbs in just a few weeks! It’s not just the workout though. Eating healthy has a lot to do with my whole process. I recommend reading the Abs Diet (for Women). It basically teaches you what you need to be eating and is super easy to follow. OK enough about me, let’s get MOTIVATED! 🙂

Nothing changes when nothing is happening. Make a change towards getting what you want today!
Dang straight! YOU have the power to create your happiness. If you aren’t happy with your body (or life) make a CHANGE! You’ll love yourself for doing so.

fitness motivation, fitness quotes, workout motivation //
The ultimate goal, right?

11 Powerful Quotes For Your Motivational Board | Skinny Mom | Tips for Moms | Fitness | Food | Fashion | Family
Lol, I love this. No one said it would be easy but it will definitely be worth it!

Motivational Fitness Quote by Earl Nightingale courtesy of Women'sHealth Magazine
Time flies by. Choose how you spend it WISELY! You may not wake up the next day seeing instant results but you will with TIME.

got to make this soak in to my head Rome Wasn't Built in a Day; But they worked on it every single day!
Is this a Tony Horton quote??

Getting ready for Summer or just wanting to lose weight? Here are 8 Ways to Transform Flab into Fab. #weightloss #motivation #inspiration
No one is perfect the first time around (especially in Yoga!).

NOW is the best time to #loseweight, eat healthy, and change your life for the better. #weightloss #quotes
So you slipped up one day. The beauty of life is that there’s always a fresh day ahead for a new start!

Inspiring Fitness Quotes
A one hour workout can feel like an eternity but in all reality, it hardly takes up any of your day. I’ve never thought of it that way. LOVE this.

Fitness, life, business… true for success everything we do.
Again, there’s really no excuses. If it’s important to you, you’ll MAKE time!

A mindful attitude towards eating paired with a healthy diet and exercise will only give you success.
Every time you have a junk food craving, ask yourself this question.

Find more awesome #weightloss #motivation content on website
Confession: I do this before EVERY workout. Keeps me going! 🙂

15 Celebrity Trainers Who Inspire Through Social Media - Shape Magazine Social Media Inspiration from Celebrity Trainers
Here my #1 fitness tip: When you absolutely don’t feel like doing a workout or feel like you simply can’t do it, change into your workout clothes anyway. Chances are you’ll end up doing the workout anyway and feel AMAZING after.

Exactly what I want. I don't care as much about being skinny as I do being fit. But of course I care about my health even more!!
At first, my goal was to become skinny. Not today! It’s all about being FIT!

the only person you have to try and be better than today is the person that you were yesterday
NEVER compare yourself to someone else. Everyone has different body types. Some may lose more weight faster. Don’t be discouraged. STRIVE to be a better and more fit person every day. You’re only in competition with yourself.

Committed to Get Fit: Team Beachbody Monthly Leader board Coach Rankings are OUT!
You will get NOWHERE if you honestly don’t believe in yourself! Start believing TODAY!

Find more awesome #weightloss #motivation content on website
I never thought I’d be where I am today. Don’t give up. You’ll see results and that’s what will keep you going. But until then, have FAITH that you’ll get there.

Stop letting excuses hold you back. #Yoga #AdamantineYoga #YogaQuotes Loved and pinned by
All I can say is NEVER underestimate Yoga!

Motivational quotes and posters - Stay motivated everyday with motivation blog, which give you motivational quotes, motivational wallpapers and more
See, eating junk is just WAY too much work. Is it really worth it?

do everything for you never for another person no matter how much they say..i will help know you better than anyone you dont need help or hand is helpful but if its needed for you to do what you need then you need to re-evaluate you..
The only way you’ll truly succeed is if you do it for YOURSELF. If it’s all to impress someone else, you’re head isn’t in the right place and your heart isn’t in it. Get in the right state of MIND!

For all my planking challengers
Haha, True!

I could seriously do this all day but believe it or not I do have other things to get done. I hope this has inspired you to get fit. Remember, we’re in this together. Everyone goes through struggles. It’s never an easy process. Try your best and you’ll get a little better each day. Heck, you’re already doing better than the person sitting on the couch. COMMENT below with your best fitness advice!


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