The BEST Birchbox Product to Get ASAP

To me, Birchbox is all about experimenting. Trust me, I am NOT a beauty expert whatsoever. I wear the basic makeup (foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, etc.) and straiten my hair with a flat iron and that’s about as far as my beauty knowledge goes. Birchbox allows me to try out products I never knew existed (Nipple Balm??) and more importantly, how to use them. So anyway, I started up the blog again to talk mostly about beauty products (with some fitness posts mixed in) to give you the insider info & tips I’ve been learning but lately my life has revolved around fitness. I say it’s about time for a product post, what do you think? THIS is the product for all the everyday, average girl like myself. It’s perfect for throwing in the purse plus it has like a million uses, no kidding! Let’s talk about EGYPTIAN MAGIC.

I got my first taste of this seriously magical product in my first Birchbox. In fact, I ended up receiving two (mistake?). But hey, I’ll take it! Here it is and where you can purchase..

Egyptian Magic Skin Cream 2 oz

Egyptian Magic Skin Cream 2 oz
This smaller size runs $26 but lasts a ridiculously long time. This is all you really need, trust me.
If you want to only try a sample, get it here:

As you can see, Egyptian Magic is considered a skin “cream” but I’d describe it more of a balm and it’s not just for skin. Here are the many ways I use it.

1. Cuticles – My cuticles are extremely dry and cracked. I apply this stuff morning & night to my cuticles and I’ve seen a major difference in just a day or two.

2. Feet – Rub on dry areas of the feet.

3. Lips – Yep, also a great lip balm. I use it under my lipstick to keep my lips from drying out.

4. Under eyes – Reduced dark circles under eyes.

5. Bruises – Haven’t used it on bruises yet but it’s supposed to get rid of bruises (let me know if it works!).

6. Burns – Also have not tried but it’s surprisingly supposed to heal burns (WOW!).

7. Hair – Tames fly-aways.

There’s 7 ways I’ve used/heard about using Egyptian Magic. How do YOU use it? Comment below!

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