5 Gifts For the Fitness Junkie

Know someone who’s obsessed with their healthy lifestyle (working out, eating healthy, etc.) and have absolutely no clue what to get them this holiday season? If this type of thing is foreign to you, I’m here to help. Here are 5 things I would LOVE to get (hint, hint!) for Christmas this year.

1. Workout Clothes

Cute & trendy workout clothes can be a bit pricey and let’s face it, all you really do is sweat in them anyway. However, something about looking good and feeling good that really takes your workout to the next level. Seriously! It may not make much sense but I feel hot when I wear the right outfit (and I’m not talking sweaty hot). Of course I never like spending $ on this type of clothing, which makes it the perfect gift for the fitness freak on your list.

2. Gift Card

What’s better than cute workout clothes? A gift card so you can pick out your own! Everyone has a different preference for the clothes they work out in, some depending on the workout. For example, doing Kenpo X I prefer looser fitting clothes. When it comes to PiYo & Yoga, it’s all about the spandex! A gift card for Dick’s (or similar store) allows the recipient to not only get a new wardrobe but anything else they may need to enhance their workout. Win-win!

3. Food

Fancy packaged health foods add up and are something you don’t try much of on a daily basis. I’m picturing a super cool gift basket with gourmet health bars, granola, nuts, dark chocolate… and now I’m hungry… Check out Nature Box. It allows you (or your recipient) to receive a random box of goodies every month. I want!!

4. Water Bottle

Doesn’t sound like anything special but believe it or not, there are a ton of specialty water bottles out there and everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) uses them. I’m not a water bottle expert so let me try to find you a link for you to refer to. Ahh here we go an article from Women’s Health.

5. The Gift of Fitness Itself

Be careful with what I’m about to say. You can’t give a gym membership to just anyone. You have to be close to the recipient and know for a fact that they want a gift like this. I would love to receive a new Beachbody workout, ankle weights, gym membership, fitness ball, you name it. But the person I expect to get those things from is my hubby or close family member who knows I’m into that.

Tell me! What’s on YOUR holiday list this year??
Comment below 🙂


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