I ditched my diet for 3 days. THIS is what happened.

I’m totally embarrassed. I’m constantly encouraging others to live a healthy lifestyle by changing eating habits and adding exercise to the daily routine. This Christmas was particularly hard for me to keep to my word. I spent 4 days at home with my husband with nothing to do but relax, watch movies, and play games. You can see why I also chose to snack the entire time.

It all started with my Christmas stocking. Santa surprised me with all my favorite candy. I started eating away thinking “it’s Christmas so why not?”. I ate EVERYTHING but hear me out, I had a strategy. I figured if I ate it all in one day, I wouldn’t have it laying around tempting me the next day which would allow me to start fresh and get back on track.

Did not work. I was still in that lazy, I want to eat everything in sight mode. I was out of candy so I turned to peanut butter and ate half a tub in the blink of an eye. I ended up over eating on everything in those three days. I told myself “tomorrow is the day. I’ll get back on track tomorrow”. While I hate myself for it, I’ve learned what “cheating” does to my mind & body and trust me, I’ll never make that mistake again.

Let’s go back to hating myself. I know it’s a little dramatic but it’s exactly how I felt. I knew it was wrong but did it anyway. I ate and ate and ate. I was out of control. I felt like I was erasing every single thing I’ve been working so hard for. How could I be so stupid??

I spent the whole day weighing myself so much so that my scale batteries ran out (seriously!). As long as I didn’t gain too much, I just kept eating!

I cried. Every evening of those three days I looked back on what I ate for the day and went into a depression. This even caused conflict with my hubby. I was bitter therefore he was too.

I felt exhausted during my workouts. One thing I can say is I didn’t ditch my workout routine! Woo hoo! BUT I wasn’t performing my best. All the sugar and junk seriously drained my energy.

My cravings increased. I figured eating the junk food I did would eliminate my cravings for those foods but I was wrong. I actually needed MORE of those foods.

I felt sick to my stomach. I woke up one night feeling like I was going to puke everywhere. I never want to feel like that again!

So, I did get back on track and am feeling much better. I may have gained a pound or two but it was worth it because you know what, I will never (and I mean NEVER) make that mistake again. I have no desire to splurge on Reese’s ever again. I ditched all the sweets and no more will be entering my house!

Have you overcome food addiction? Any tips??


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