The Secret to Keeping your Goals

I haven’t mentioned it yet but a huge goal of mine is to become a Beachbody coach by the end of the year. I set up a separate account through my bank to take out $5 a week from my paycheck to cover the monthly fees of becoming a coach and figured I’d do a little more research on the products to prepare myself. That was my plan until…

I started reading PUSH by Chalene Johnson. I picked up her book at Books a Million thinking it was just a typical diet book. I absolutely LOVE Chalene (just finished PiYo for the 2nd time) so I just had to read her book.

To my surprise, it started off talking about goals not just in fitness but life in general. BONUS! This is exactly what I needed to reach my Beachbody coaching goal! From the book, I’ve learned to make my goal even BIGGER so I’m not just planning to become a so-so coach. I’m going to THRIVE and make enough money on the side to pay my rent . That’s an absolute huge goal but I know I can do it from this secret I’ve learned from Chalene herself.

It’s all about baby steps. If you expect to achieve a ginormous goal overnight you’re pretty much setting yourself up for failure. It simply can’t be done. But smaller goals along the way and small daily tasks? Much more attainable.

So you’ve got your main goal. The first thing you need to do is write it down and look at it every single day. Put it in your phone and save it as your wallpaper if you have to. Then create your master brainstorm. This is you dumping every single thing you can think of that needs to be done in order to achieve your goal. Many of this will probably be research. For example, in my case I have on my list to research how to become a successful coach, study what other coaches are doing, how much time goes into being a coach, and the list goes on…

Once you’ve “brain dumped”, it’s time to break your endless list into separate tasks. Your to-do list should have about 3 tasks related to reaching your goal every day. Some examples of my daily tasks:

Find a successful Beachbody coach blog to follow.

Figure out how many products I’d have to sell a month to pay my rent.

Learn more about Shakeology.

I can do these three things on the way to work, on my lunch break, commercial breaks, ect. There’s no excuses this time!

Don’t let a daunting goal hold you back. In fact the bigger the goal, the better. You got this! It may require you to work on it every day but I believe in you and hope you believe in yourself. You have what it takes to be successful and you deserve what you put into it.

Now back to Chalene Johnson’s PUSH book. What I mention in this blog is just a pinch of what she goes over in much more detail. If you’re serious about making a life change in both fitness and otherwise, I strongly encourage you to pick this book up. Each day (for 30 days) you’ll do a little activity that pushes you a step closer to your goals.

I shared mine, now it’s time for you to share yours! What’s your big goal of the year? Comment below!


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