5 Steps to a Healthier Lunch

Ok so you’re a busy, working professional who has little to no time to worry about meal prep, healthy shopping, packed lunches, and eating right. Aren’t we all? You probably leave the house in the morning with lunch being the last thing on the brain which can lead to a binge later on when your stomach’s screamin at ya! Your mid-day chow down session is important and here’s what you need to do to keep it HEALTHY!

Step #1: Make the commitment

In order to live a healthy lifestyle, you’ll have to put YOU on the top of your list. Seriously! What’s more important? Your HEALTH or that email that needs to be sent? When it comes to healthy eating, you have to make yourself the priority. Make a commitment to yourself. Make time to prepare your meals, to eat at the proper times, to schedule daily workouts, and more.

Step #2: Pack your lunch!!

I don’t care if you pick the healthiest item on the menu. If you’re headed out to lunch you WILL consume more calories than brown paper bagging it. For starters, there’s always hidden junk in restaurant prepared meals. Veggies cooked in loads of butter and fattening salad dressing just to name a few. Plus they always give you enough food to feed an army, resulting in way more than just one serving for you. Packing your own lunch means knowing EXACTLY what your getting. Do it! For reals!

Step #3: Make enough for leftovers

When making your healthy dinner, make extra to pack for your lunch. This makes it super easy to throw in your lunchbox the night before. No scrambling around packing a lunch & NO excuses!

Step #4: Find what you like

It’s difficult to go from eating mouth-watering Popeyes and McDonald’s to healthy leftovers. Trust me, been there done that! They key to enjoying a healthy lunch is to experiment and find what you like. Once you get in the swing of things, you’ll actually CRAVE those healthy meals! I know, sounds crazy but believe me on this. I DREAM about my morning oatmeal. 🙂

Step #5: Eat a morning snack

We all know that when 10am rolls around our stomach starts making grumpy noises. Ignore your body, and it’s easy to over-eat at lunch. Instead, listen to the growl and obey it! You can take 5 minutes out of your morning to eat a yogurt or apple. This will keep you satisfied until your next meal so you don’t make poor decisions.

There you have it. 5 EASY ways to eat a healthy lunch at work. One last tip: Don’t give in to peer pressure. If you brought your lunch, don’t cave when you get an invite out. Walk right past the homemade goodies in the office kitchen like they aren’t even there. Bring healthy snacks to the next office party even if you’re now labeled as the office nerd. Who cares?? Just do your thing and concentrate on what’s best for YOU!


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