My weakness and how I’m overcoming it

I may not announce this to the world. I’m not proud of it. In fact, I’m quite ashamed of it. I know I have a serious problem. Just because I’m incredibly into working out, eating right, and motivating others doesn’t mean I’m perfect. To be honest, I’m learning right along with you. Seriously! Every single day I read at least one article to learn more about health and fitness. Sure, I want to be able to give valuable advice to my readers and online community but I also do it for myself. I’m weak just like everyone else and not only do I have a serious problem but I’m finally coming out and admitting it to the world.

I have an addiction to food. You can go ahead and laugh but I’m totally serious. You may not believe me because I don’t weigh 500 lbs but food is a serious struggle for me. I think it probably started when I was a kid and my dad would constantly buy me Ben & Jerry’s after school. I’d sit there and eat the entire tub by myself. I was only a kid so factor in the math and make that two tubs today as an adult. This is why I can’t have ice cream in my house! Peanut putter and cereal are my other two dangerous foods. It’s funny because these two are normally thought of as healthy(er). But not when you eat 50 servings of them!

So anyway I use this really cool app called My Fitness Pal where I can track my calories and view all the nutrition facts. I’m doing much better this way but my problem lies in my “cheat” meal which I have once a week. I usually go with something sweet like a Reese’s which is perfectly fine. Only it makes me want more sugar! It puts me in a sugar high and I just lose control. I will seriously devour ANY sugar I have in the house. Since I don’t stash away any sweets, this could mean eating sugar by the spoonful. I’m not joking. I know that sounds gross but it’s like I’m on drugs and just gotta have more.

It’s funny because the very next day I’m able to start new and get right back on my diet like nothing happened. And trust me, I’m so very thankful for that! My addiction was much worse in the past but now I’m actually enjoying the healthy foods I eat which helps get back on track. I’ve tried several things to overcome my food (or I guess just sweetness) addiction. I’ve tried cutting sugar out of my diet altogether and I’ve tried just doing small amounts at a time. Still have issues…

One thing that I just recently started doing (like yesterday) was tell the world I like to eat plain sugar out of the canister. I got on the My Fitness Pal message boards and wrote a post similar to this one. The next day, I received 32 replies (and counting) all from people going through or who have overcome the same exact problem. They knew exactly how I felt! I got some mixed replies, some saying to cut sugar out completely and others saying to have it in moderation. The fact that they were all there to help was incredible. I feel like I can do this now! As weird as it sounds I don’t want to let these strangers down. They’re rooting for me!

So here’s a quote from one of the message board replies that I found to be the most powerful. It’s simple but I think you’ll love it.

Change “cheat” to “treat”; eat something sweet – enjoy! Then exercise! Repeat. 

Many people replied with similar messages. It’s only food! It’s not going to destroy your diet. Life is about enjoying the foods that you love. I guess I do take my dieting a little too seriously. I need to loosen up a bit and when I do savor a treat, not feel guilty about it.

The whole point of the post is to show the power of coming together. I believe that a good support team is the KEY to not only reaching your health goals but your life goals as well. The first and hardest step is probably opening up to others about your struggles. It’s not easy, trust me. Do you think I like admitting to eating like 5 cups of sugar a night?? No way! But I did it and I feel like a weight has been lifted. And guess what? No one laughed at me! Well maybe they did, I don’t know it was all done online.

Find the strength to open up to someone. It could be your best friend, spouse, co-worker, a stranger on the bus, the entire web, who cares just do it! And in case you can’t tell from this post, I’ll never judge you so share away!


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