Take control over food

I feel like I’m in a constant battle with food. I used to be able to binge on whatever I wanted and not gain a significant amount of weight. Those were the days food was on my good side. Then the weight came on practically overnight and I knew I had to start eating differently. I cut everything I loved out of my diet and I did end up losing the weight. However, since I wasn’t eating ANY junk I would every once in awhile break down and binge. Then of course feel terrible about myself. I knew I had to add a treat every once in awhile to my diet to keep sane. I did just that and it helped but I was still feeling guilty even after telling myself I was allowed to have it. Does anyone else feel me on this? Well good news is I think I’ve found the SECRET to eat what you want and feel good about it. I can’t promise it will solve all your problems but here it is.

The first thing you have to do is fully enjoy your little treat. It sounds silly, right? Like of course you’re going to enjoy a piece of cake! But I found myself getting so excited to eat my sweet treats that I’d gobble it down so fast it was hard to tell whether or not I had even eaten it. Plan out your treat and get something GOOD, not just whatever’s on sale. Sit down and prepare yourself to indulge. Savor every bite slowly, fully taking in every flavor. Trust me, by doing this you won’t feel like the monster you did before. You are in control of your food and this will put you back in power. It sounds like a crazy little routine but I’m telling you it really helped me. I feel ok about having a treat every single day!

I also want you to figure our what causes your binges. I haven’t started doing this yet but I hear a food journal is the way to go. Every time you reach for more snacks stop and think about your feelings. Are you emotional? Upset? Bored? Excited? Write it down in your journal and go back to look for a pattern. That will give you your answer. Once you identify it, it’s time to do other activities like taking a walk when you get in that particular mood.

Another thing that I wanted to mention is your view on food. It’s hard to do and I am in no way an expert at it but what I do know is this: You shouldn’t refer to particular foods as “bad”. When you end up treating yourself to that food you’ll feel bad about it. You also shouldn’t tell yourself that you can’t have a certain food. Instead, practice saying “I don’t need this food right now”. This puts you in more control.

I’m just like you. I’m struggling with this as well and I’m still learning. A lot of this info I actually picked up from message boards on My Fitness Pal but I agree with it 100%. Feel free to post a comment below with any advice or suggestions. I’d love to hear what you have to say!


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