The power of writing down goals

You may notice I often talk about Chalene Johnson’s book PUSH. That’s because it has changed my life. It’s more than just the health & fitness book I originally thought it was when I picked it up at the book store. Chalene goes into life goals as well as fitness goals and how the two go hand in hand. She talks about living a positive life surrounded by positive people, the importance of good to-do lists, and setting goals every single week. This is going to be a powerful post because I’m going to explain how I achieved many of my goals simply by writing them down and thinking about them often. Listen up, THIS is how to get what you want out of life!

So the whole idea behind the weekly goal setting is to make a quick list of 10 things that would just be super awesome to see happen in the next year or so. It could be anything! One of mine is to buy my dream house. That would be totally freakin sweet! You write them down (I do mine on Tuesday’s for some reason) and you make a new list the following week without looking at the previous list. Your list may change. You may alter your goals and some of your original goals may not even be on the list anymore. The ones that stay on the list week after week are the ones that are most important to you.

You’re not just writing a list though. It’s much more involved than that. You’re writing as if you already achieved the goal. So for example, instead of writing “I’m going to take a vacation” I write “I’m on a long vacation with Justin somewhere far away having the time of my life”. This gets me pumped. It makes me think “Wow, I’m so excited to take that vacation!” I have it in my mind that no matter what I’ll be on that vacation in the not-so-distant future.

You really have to think about your top ten list for the week. Because of course whatever you write down WILL happen in your life, right? Make it good! Make it crazy but something that you can believe in. If you put down that you’ll win the lottery but deep down don’t really believe you will, what’s the point? Take this seriously! You are literally writing out your life. Of course not everything will just be handed to you. You will have to work hard but sometimes it just feels like things fall into place.

Here are some things that have already happened in my life after I wrote them down as goals. Keep in mind I really haven’t even been doing this for long (a month or two?) and I’m already seeing a change.

I wanted a mini office to work on my future Beachbody coaching business. I basically just wanted a desk andcomputer to work at since working strictly from a phone is a pain. Once our tax money came in, Justin went out and bought me a desk and computer!

I also had on my list (and this one may sound strange to some) that I wanted to communicate with other Beachbody coaches online so I could learn from them. I wanted to be able to openly communicate with others online. I started my Twitter page and found a few Beachbody coaches to chat with. I got involved with online message boards and have been communicating with people trying to lose weight on a daily basis. I’m currently growing my Facebook page and there are actually people engaged with the content I’m posting. I’ve also received more views on my blog.

Since we only have one car, I also had on my list that I would be driving a brand new car off the lot. My husband has been talking about getting a used car for awhile but I figured why not go big with my goals and go for a new car? He’s now talking about test driving a new Subaru and purchasing it when my car is paid off.

This goal writing thing isn’t just ramblings that fill up your journal! Write them down and think about them constantly. More than anything believe in yourself. You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to. And I really mean that. My goals listed above didn’t take much effort to achieve. I just knew I would be able to actually do it. Never give up hope. Things will get difficult and it may look like a huge goal you have written down will never be achieved. Don’t let that stop you. Keep your head up and keep pushing forward!

I am DYING to know which of your goals you have accomplished using this method. Please let me know your progress. Comment below!


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