The Power of Gratitude & Positive Thinking

Have you ever experienced the feeling of being incredibly lucky for the things you have? It doesn’t have to be the large and extravagant things in life. In fact my favorite things are my family, my job, my health and my apartment. Yes, I have other very nice things in my life like my car, cell phone, computer, multiple TVs, and numerous other objects. But do those things matter as much as quality time with my husband or long phone conversations with my mom? No way! It hits me most when I’m laying in bed either before going to sleep or right after waking up in the morning. I lay there in the dark and quiet room with Justin on one side, our puppy between us, and our kitty mixed in somewhere in between. They make me so happy. Our pets are our kids if you couldn’t tell. They’re super spoiled but they mean the world to us. That’s what makes me most happy. Laying in bed with the most important people (and pets) in my life.

The point I’m trying to make is that you might not have it all but would you rather stress over the things you don’t have like money, a house of your own, family close by, or a second car? Or would you rather have the simple things take over your life and consume you with happiness? By focusing on the amazing things I already have in life, I’m gaining even more wonderful things. We used to stress out over money and guess what? We never had any! I’ve changed my way of thinking. I have everything I could ever possibly want already. Money doesn’t predict my happiness. I stopped worrying so much about it. Now we go out to dinner every week, we purchase fresh fruits and veggies even when it’s more money than a takeout burger, and we enjoy quality time together with money not being a concern. When something comes up like an expensive vet bill, we know we can handle it with a few modifications. Since changing the way we view money, we haven’t had any stress over it.

I’m gonna get into a personal story now to make my point. A week after my 18th birthday my dad passed away and I took it HARD. Everything in my life felt like it was falling apart. When something else was going wrong in my life, I would blame my emotional state on losing my dad even when the situation had nothing to do with his death. I was being negative and in turn receiving negative things in my life. I wasn’t able to open my eyes to all the good things around me. Like how death can bring a family closer together. Or the fact that everything was actually falling into perfect place as if it were all part of a larger plan. It took a few years but I seriously turned my life around and now instead of moping around over the loss of my father, I show more love to the family I do still have in my life. I’m so lucky to have another dad in my life. I can honestly say he’s every bit as good of a man as my dad was. He has a huge heart and he would do anything for us. I focus more on what I have gained rather than lost.

What you think about is what you get. Have you ever thought you were psychic because you predicted something would happen and then it did? Sometimes when getting the mail I can see a bill sitting there waiting for me. I don’t know why but I just get this gut feeling and then there it is, a pretty little bill with my name on it. Alright, so that’s not the type of thinking you should be doing. Instead I should be picturing a huge check with my name on it, right? For the most part I am a positive thinker. I feel like the more confident I am in myself and the more I believe in myself, the more like-minded people I attract in my life. This also makes my existing relationships even stronger. I end up weeding out the negative people and communicate more with those who lift me up. Pretty cool stuff!

So next time you’re in a bad place, simply shift your way of thinking. I know this is incredibly hard to do when you’re feeling so down. I remember after my dad died, I refused to see any good in the situation. How could I? But now I’m realizing that my life has been shifted for the better because of it! If it weren’t for his death I wouldn’t be married to my amazing husband right now. It sounds silly and I won’t get into the details but it’s true. Everything happens for a reason and the only way to move on from a devastating time is to lift your head up, change your way of thinking, and move forward.

I feel like this post is just me rambling on about everything that’s going through my head this morning. It’s a little scattered but hopefully it helps you see the power of being grateful for all that you have and how positive thinking can change your life.


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