Never have a boring date again

Every Friday your significant other questions what you’d like to do for the weekly date night and your suggestion of dinner and a movie just isn’t cutting it anymore. Sound familiar? Date nights are special because they’re different. If you do the same thing week after week, it’s hardly a date but rather a habit or routine. Either you run out of ideas or you have this crazy idea that dates require money. You’re right, they can be expensive but they don’t have to be! I’m going to share the Valentine’s Day gift that I gave Justin and how it can help you never have a boring date again! Oh and most of these ideas are 100% FREE!

Justin isn’t a big candy person (plus we’re on diets) and he already has plenty of “toys” for his man cave. I was at a loss when Valentine’s Day came around until I saw the Date Jar on Pinterest. A simple mason jar filled with date night ideas that can be chosen at random. How fun! I decided to make 52 colorful pieces of paper with a unique date idea written on each one. That’s one date a week for an entire year! My first thought was that it’s a clever and free gift that he would love. Perfect! My second thought was “how in the world am I going to think of 52 different date ideas??”

I started by listing some things we’ve done in the past but don’t do too often. Some of these included taking a long walk in the park, going for a long drive, playing video games, exploring the flee market, and cooking a fancy dinner together.

Then I thought about some things that we’ve never done before. I’m not gonna go into much detail because I don’t want Justin knowing what’s left in the jar but some of these include experimenting in the kitchen to create our own concoctions and exploring a new city.

Once I got into creating the list of dates, it became easier to think of them and I easily filled up the jar. Here are a few things to remember when making your own date jar:

  1. The dates don’t have to cost money but some of them can. Try to think of as many free ideas as possible then throw in a few that do require a little $ just for fun like mini golf or a movie.
  2. It’s not all about what you do but the time spent together. Justin and I love to cook (and eat!) so there are a ton of dates where we spend time in the kitchen together. It’s not just about making the food but more importantly a bonding experience.
  3. Consider your goals. If you’re both trying to get fit consider walking, biking, or canoeing dates.
  4. It can be simple! Sleeping in, watching morning cartoons, and spending the entire day in your PJs will be greatly appreciated. Everyone needs some chill time.
  5. Pick the date ahead of time. Every Saturday Justin picks the date for the following week. That way we can plan it out if needed and if it’s something outside but it’s supposed to rain, we can just pick a different date.
  6. Come up with the dates together. In my case, I thought of all the date ideas myself because I was giving it as a gift but it would be a lot of fun to do it together.
  7. It’s ok to put dates in there that you regularly enjoy doing. There will be enough variety with all the other date ideas in the jar that you won’t get tired of doing these things.
  8. Think about your first couple of dates together. Did you watch a particular movie together? Or go somewhere special for dinner? Put it in the date jar and reminisce about that first date!
  9. Planning a vacation, dream home, and future careers can be a date in itself. Discussing the future is exciting and puts you both in a better mood.

It’s easy to fall in a rut when you’ve been together for awhile. You know what you like to do so you keep doing those things every single week. You forget about the excitement of dates in the past and you’re too comfortable to try something new. Get creative with your date jar, try new things, and make your relationship exciting again! Let me know some of the things you will be putting in your jar. Comment below 🙂 


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