My 30 Day Diet Challenge

So I have a wedding coming up the end of April. I picked out a cute dress that looks great on me and I haven’t really gained any weight but looking my best at this event is the most important thing in my life right now. I know it’s silly but I like NEVER get to go out anywhere where I can get all fancy. It doesn’t matter what fitness level you’re at, I can guarantee you feel me on this one.

My favorite candy in the world is Easter candy. ALL types! So yeah, I’ve been on a cheat streak with my sweets lately. I haven’t gained weight but know if I don’t change up my act I will and probably just in time for that wedding. I already know how to eat right but I need some rules to keep me on track. For the next 30 days I’m going to come down hard on myself. No sweets! No binge eating! I’m doing this for real. Who’s with me?

Firstly: Learn the basics of eating healthy

Read through the Abs Diet to get the gist of how to eat healthy foods all day long. It will explain powerfoods, their importance, and how to add them to your diet. This isn’t a “diet” really, just a guideline of how you should eat.

Secondly: Exercise

I’m always doing some type of Beachbody program and I highly recommend them. Right now I’m working on P90X3 🙂

Now that you’re eating better and exercising, it’s time for the RULES to keep you on track.

Rule #1: No sweets! (Or junk food in general)

I try to limit my intake of sweets since that’s my trouble area but I do occasionally have a candy bar. Then I just CRAVE something else sweet immediatly after which makes it extremely difficult to get back on track. For the next 30 days I’m completely giving up candy and sweets so the cravings end altogether (hopefully).

Rule #2: No snacks after dinner

I’m always tempted to go back in the kitchen after dinner to nibble on something. It doesn’t even matter what it is I just get the urge to munch before going to bed. For the next 30 days, the kitchen is CLOSED immediately after dinner!

Rule #3: DO NOT exceed daily calories

Everyone’s daily calories will differ. I’m trying to maintain my weight so I’m on a 1,500 calorie plan. However, I tend to go above that on my cheat days which is normally no big deal. But in the next 30 days I’m hunkering down and sticking to my magic number! No going over. Not even a little bit on cheat days!

Rule #4: Enjoy healthier cheats

I don’t care what kind of diet I’m on, I’m going to enjoy my dinner date nights with my husband every week! However, I will choose the healthiest thing on the menu instead of the greasiest. I would normally go all out on cheat days but I’m determined to stick to the healthy foods I love while remaining within my calories.

Rule #5: Leave something on the plate

This is where I have the most problem. I always feel like I have to finish what’s on my plate. For the next 30 days I’ll focus more on my tummy and stop eating when I feel full. To do this, I’ll eat slowly taking a break between each bite so I don’t gobble up everything in sight in the blink of an eye.

Rule #6: Eat veggies with every dinner

I normally do this anyway because I love fresh veggies and salads but there are certain occasions (like when I make pasta) that I leave this part out of my meal. For the next 30 days I’ll make the veggies my PRIORITY.

Rule #7: Take a walk over snacking

When I feel like snacking I usually just give in. For the next 30 days whenever I have the urge to snack I’ll take a walk instead to get rid of any cravings I have.

There you have it! I know my rules are pretty simple but I’ve been eating healthy for awhile now. I know what I need to eat and what I shouldn’t eat. I just need a few guidelines to keep me on track. Whether or not you have a wedding or other special occasion coming up, hopefully this 30 day diet helps you look your best! Let me know how it works for you by leaving a comment below!


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