How a healthy lifestyle changed my life

First off let’s get two things straight:

1. I eat healthy because I WANT to! I don’t eat salads every other day and stay away from cheesy pizza because I’m depriving myself. I actually rather eat the salad over the pizza. I have many reasons as to why other than just to fit into my jeans.

2. I wake up at 5:30 every morning to exercise because I enjoy it. It’s not something I have to do but rather something I wake up looking forward to.

I’ve done the work and I got the results I wanted and I can’t tell you enough how happy and proud of myself I am for that. I really don’t have to be so strict with what I eat or the intensity of the workouts I continue to do but I really do enjoy doing these things. They’ve become a habit to me. Not only that but living a healthy lifestyle has changed my life in more ways than you can image and I’m going to explain how. Some of these will probably surprise you. 🙂

I lost 50 lbs

No surprise here. Eating the right foods and exercising will help you lose weight!

I gained confidence

My clothes fit better, I can wear clothes that I didn’t feel comfortable in before (bikinis), and I don’t have to suck in my gut for every picture.

I have less stress

Exercise (and any form of it) has been a huge stress reliever for me. When I have a lot on my mind a simple walk will do the trick. If I have built up anger, I found that MMX on P90X3 works wonders!

I have more energy

I used to stay up late and sleep in late but my schedule has completely changed. Even though I wake up at the crack of dawn to get my workout in, I’m full of energy afterward. I feel more alert at work and no longer fall asleep at my desk. Not like I ever did that before 😉

I have a positive attitude

I’ve always tried to be a positive person but there were occasions where I’d get stuck in a negative spell. One thing would go wrong and I’d be down on myself about it and then the next thing you know everything else would come tumbling down too. Since living a fit lifestyle, I’ve only become more positive and in doing so gained even more positive things in my life.

I feel powerful

I seriously feel like Superwoman some days. I continue to impress myself with improvements in my fitness level. It makes me feel like I can take on any challenge that comes my way!

I’ve improved my relationships

It sounds backwards but by focusing on myself, I was able to improve my relationships with those around me. I stopped worrying about all the drama. Who cares about that crap? I have way more important things to focus on! I surround myself with positive people and just ignore the negative ones.

I’ve learned to cook!

I used to hate cooking and swore to myself I’d never learn. But when I started eating healthy, I found a ton of yummy recipes that are actually good for you. Maybe it was the challenge of cooking healthy food that tasted good that drew me in. I don’t know but now I practically live in the kitchen.

I have bigger and better goals in my life

To be honest, I never thought much about my future in the past but now I have it set in my mind that I’ll be a kick ass Beachbody coach making tons of money and living in a mansion somewhere. 🙂

I’m open to try new things

I don’t want to sit on the couch watching TV all day like I used to. I want to get out there and actually do things!

I’m happier

I know that if I eat a slice of greasy pizza I just won’t feel like myself. I feel guilty, sluggish, disappointed, tired, and just blah. But when I eat the healthy foods I’m used to, I feel amazing! I know I’m on track, I feel proud of myself for saying no to the junk, and I’m just happier. Same thing goes with exercise. I just feel good about it.

I don’t judge other people

I’ve been in many different positions throughout my journey. I was clueless when it come to food and exercise in the beginning. I learned some things when I started out but was still making mistakes. I’ve expanded my knowledge tremendously but still, I continue to learn. I don’t judge people based on what they eat. Everyone has their reasons and I respect that.

I’m more focused

I’ve been doing a lot more in my life which forces me to focus if I want to stay on top of things. I’ve been doing a lot of work (sometimes too much work) but I’m enjoying every minute of it.

I don’t go out partying

I actually haven’t had a drink in months! To be honest, I just don’t like drinking my calories away. Food tastes way better! Call me old if you want but I also don’t like staying out late. I’m a morning person so being able to wake up early and be productive is super important to me.

I’m sure the changes I’ve made over the years have affected me in more ways than listed in this blog but these are the main ones. So before you judge others for being obsessed with working out and always eating healthy, remember that they have their reasons. I used to think these kind of people were ridiculous ( I mean, who would give up pizza??) and I thought the many ways it can change your life were complete bogus. I’m telling you that it’s NOT bogus. All of these things really did change in my life and I owe it all to a healthy lifestyle.

Do you agree with my list? Please comment below and let me know what you think!


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