20 Things to love about PiYo

If you’ve been following my fitness journey, you know that I’m a fan of Chalene Johnson’s PiYo workout. I was first introduced to the Beachbody programs with P90X with I completed twice. I needed something different to keep me going and that’s when I came across PiYo, a hybrid of Yoga and Pilates. One workout from P90X I was NOT a fan of was actually Yoga (I think it was more the fact that it was an hour and a half long!) yet PiYo still caught my eye. The fluid movements intrigued me. You don’t sit there holding uncomfortable positions for what feels like 10 minutes. You’re always moving and since I’m not one to sit still, it’s exactly what I need in a workout. I’m currently finishing up P90X3 (can’t believe it’s over so soon!) and am getting myself pumped to start another round of PiYo. Oh, I ended up completing PiYo twice already. I guess you could say I’m a little obsessed 🙂 So anyway, I’ll list out every single thing I loved about PiYo even down to the cute workout clothes the girls sport on the DVD. But first I want to explain what PiYo is.

What is PiYo

It sounds like a foreign language but it’s actually quite simple to decipher.

Pi = PILATES = Muscle sculpting
Yo = YOGA = Flexibility

The fluid movement that you get with PiYo speed up your results because you’re burning more calories. It’s also low impact so you won’t experience the aches & pains you would be other exercises.

20 Things I love about PiYo:

1. Only a 60 day program. Trust me, it goes by fast!

2. The schedule: you work your way up to more difficult workouts but every day is different and keeps you on your toes.

3. Shorter workouts: The range but don’t go over 60 minutes which is much more manageable than the 90 minute Yoga session I talked about earlier!

4. You’re always moving so you don’t get bored of holding the same poses as with ordinary Yoga.

5. Chalene is a super uplifting and encouraging trainer.

6.  No additional equipment needed.

7. Low impact. Anyone can do this program!

8. You’ll really feel the burn especially on Bun and Sculpt days!

9. Great background music.

10. The girls are always sporting super cute outfits 🙂

11. Chalene has a focus on good form which helps you do the move correctly.

12. The rest day is much needed every week – you’ll love it!

13. It may look like a “girlie” workout but man do you build some muscle!

14. Even the longest workout doesn’t feel long at all.

15. Chalene does every single move with you (and miraculously looks like a million bucks after).

16. Some of the moves are difficult to master but there’s always a modifier.

17. It doesn’t matter which day you’re on, you are ALWAYS working your core.

19. You’ll learn the proper alignment for all the moves in The Fundamentals DVD.

20. As mentioned, some moves are difficult in the beginning but most of them are pretty simple.

What are we waiting for? Let’s do some PiYo! I’m planning on hosting a PiYo & Shakeology Facebook group next month so please let me know if you’d be interested in joining by leaving a comment below or connecting with me on Facebook or Twitter.

If you don’t already have it, get your PiYo program HERE.

Please let me know if you have any questions! 🙂


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