Finding your PASSION & living it every day

Question: Are you in love with your job? Really think about this question before jumping to an answer right away. Most people either don’t care for their job but need it for the income or think they love it but it isn’t their true passion. If you fall into this category, you’re not alone. So why aren’t you and so many other people not doing the one thing they were made to do? The one thing you can’t stop thinking about? The thing that gets you excited every single day? The thing that you lay in bed thinking about and dreaming about?

The answer is simple: Your scared. How can something you enjoy so much be considered work? Plus you already have a steady income. Why mess around with that? Jumping into something new is exciting but scary. It’s a chance many people aren’t willing to take. But it’s the one thing that can change your life forever. Here’s another roadblock that could be stopping you – you’re unhappy in your current position but have no idea what would make you happier.

Finding out what your passion is

As mentioned above, your passion will have the following qualities:

  • It’s the thing that keeps you up at night
  • It’s the thing you catch yourself daydreaming about
  • It’s the thing that gets you excited to start your day
  • It’s the thing that goes along with your number one priority in life
  • It’s the thing you constantly talk about
  • It’s the thing people compliment you on
  • It’s the thing that people come to you for advice on

Right now I want you to make a list of 10 things that you love. It could be certain foods, products, activities, hobbies, skills, whatever pops into your head that you really like to do. Now look at each item on your list and determine if you could make a career out of it and if doing that one thing every single day would make you happy. Consider how excited you get when thinking about starting your own business doing that particular thing. Narrow down your list to only a few things and look at those things even closer. Jot down some pros and cons about each thing. How can you incorporate them in your current job? How could you start your own business doing this passion? Could you do something on the side of your full time job for awhile?

Once you have your one true passion narrowed down, begin to brainstorm. Whip out a legal pad and pencil and go to town writing down everything you can think of. What things must be done in order to turn this dream into a reality? What research needs to be done? Who do you need to talk to for more information? What kind of expenses will you need to begin? 

Organize your master brainstorm into what needs to be done right away, what needs to be done later, and what can wait awhile. Now it’s time for to-do lists. Work on turning your passion into your career on a daily basis. This is important to you! Don’t let a day go by without moving forward. Choose a few things to add to your to-do that will push you in that direction every day. They can be small 5 minute tasks or more in-depth research. Just do SOMETHING! Also have a timeline of when you’d life to see certain things happen. Instead of having one large daunting goal, break it down into smaller steps. A good to-do list will help you do this.

Live with PASSION, it’s important!

So maybe your perfectly happy living the comfortable life you’re already living. You’re not ecstatic to head to the office every morning but it pays the bills and allows you quality time with your family in the evening. Why make the scary change? Because life is too short!! One day you’ll look back on your just ok career and wish you had done something bigger and better with your life. There’s something better out there for you so why settle? Your FUTURE is not a job you like or even love. It’s a career you eat, sleep and breath. It’s you doing what you were born to do. It’s you giving the world something no one else can give like you do.

Get over your fear right now! All it takes is a simple decision to make a change. Tell yourself right now, this very moment that you will find your passion even if it takes a few months or a year. You’ll work towards it and never look back. You’ll make this life worth living and you’ll enjoy every minute of it. It only takes 5 minutes. 5 minutes to tell yourself, ok I’m ready. Those 5 minutes will change your life, your relationships with others, your view on money, and your idea of life and happiness.

My story

My life completely changed when I made the decision to live a healthy lifestyle. I began exercising and eating healthy and eventually lost 50 pounds! I was doing research all the time just because I couldn’t stop learning. I was ready articles by various health and fitness magazines. I was giving people advice and sharing my story with me. I became obsessed. My boss actually suggested me becoming a coach so I looked into it. It was scary but I made the decision to go for it. As of now I haven’t made any money but it’s only been a few weeks. The most important thing is that I’m loving what I’m doing. I love coming home from my full time job and working hard toward my Beachbody coaching. The success will come because I LOVE what I do.

Are you ready to make a life-changing decision? Comment below with your story 🙂


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