How to find your perfect workout

I hear people say this all the time. (Let me know if this is totally you). “I want to start working out and getting in shape but I don’t know where to start”. The first thing you may attempt to do is join a gym. Kudos for you for making the first step! But often times once getting into the gym you have no idea what to do. You probably go for the treadmill because it’s the only funky machine you can actually figure out. After awhile, you get frustrated and bored and stop going to the gym altogether. Oh and even though you are no longer visiting the gym, you’re still being charged the monthly fee and can’t get out of it. Am I right? We’ve all been there done that! What you need to do is find a workout that you absolutely love and can stick to. Get out your journals and take some notes. We’re gonna find the perfect workout for you right now!

Jot down the following questions in your notebook and really stop and think about your answers.

1. What are your fitness goals? Do you want to lose x amount of pounds? Drop down a dress size? Get some killer abs? Tone up your mid section? Gain some muscle?

2. Do you prefer to be inside or outside when exercising? Also think about if you perform better by yourself or in a group.

3. What are some activities you enjoyed doing in the past?  This could be previous workout routines, sports, walking the dog, or just dancing around the house. Really brainstorm here and think about EVERY type of exercise you don’t mind doing.

4. What intrigues you? Maybe karate and kickboxing look fun but you’ve never tried them. Write down three things you’d like to try. Now go ahead and schedule a time in your calendar that you’ll give these workouts a try. You can either find a class that offers them or just Youtube it!

5. What’s stopping you? I talk to so many people that know they want to start working and have been saying so for the longest time but for one reason or another haven’t started. Are you lacking motivation? Not sure where to start? Don’t have the money to invest in it right now? Experiencing pain that holds you back? Don’t think you can handle it? Write down every single thing that’s getting in your way.

6. Whatever your reason is for not starting the journey to a fit lifestyle, write down a few action steps to push through your roadblock. Maybe it’s connecting with some fit friends for motivation. Or saving up some extra money every week for that new program you want to try (trust me, it’s worth the investment).

7. Time to make it happen! Why put it off another day? If you choose the right workout, you’ll look forward to it every single day. Sure, it will take some getting used to but it has the power to change your entire life! I actually started out with Zumba dancing just for fun and then moved onto P90X, PiYo, and P90X3 🙂

You can do this!! Have a positive outlook, always remember why you’re doing it, and don’t be afraid to mix up your workout program if you start to lose interest. Let me know what type of workout you’ll be trying by leaving a comment below!


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