12 Reasons to NOT Skip Yoga

One thing I’ve learned when starting P90X is that yoga is way more than just a little stretch. In the P90X program it’s an hour and a half of sweaty, difficult, calorie burning poses that felt like you had to hold each one for 15 minutes. Ugh! I hated it. And the funny thing is I used to think it looked so easy! I’d see those yoga classes on the beach and think really?? At the time I was doing Zumba and thought I was hot shit. Thought yoga was too easy for me. HA! Yeah right!

When my husband was first starting off doing P90X he would skip yoga day and I really don’t blame him for doing so. But the more I do it, I begin to see the benefits. It’s a really important part of the program! I can tell that I’ve become more flexible and it just feels good to stretch out like that. So I was wondering, what other benefits does yoga have to offer? Here’s what I found out.

(By the way my husband is doing yoga now and we both agree that the 30 minute workouts in P90X3 are much more manageable!)

1. Improves flexibility
You won’t see it right away but with time you’ll notice your flexibility improving.

2. Builds muscle
Holding those poses are difficult and takes a lot of strength!

3. Improves balance
In yoga you’ll be doing a lot of balance poses. Like flexibility, you’ll notice the change over time.

4. Better posture
Because you’re working on your balance, you’ll also be improving your posture.

5. Stretches out your joints
Doing yoga stretches your joints to their full range of motion which feels amazing and helps your performance in your other workouts!

6. Protects your spine
Your spine WANTS movement and yoga provides that in the various poses.

7. Relax, reduce stress, be happier
Yoga is a relaxing exercise. I think it’s the breathing technique and the calmness of the moves. It can reduce your stress and leave you feeling happier.

 8. Helps you focus
The secret to holding long yoga poses is FOCUS and this can transfer to other areas of your life as well.

9. Burns calories
Yoga isn’t your high cardio workout but you’ll be sweating and burning some serious calories!

10. Good for the heart
Yoga is known to lower blood pressure.

11. Sleep better
Doing yoga releases energy that could be keeping you up at night.

12. Reduces pain
Yoga gets your body moving which can help with some types of pain. It also helps get your body into better alignment and there are even certain poses recommended to help with different pain areas.

If you’re STILL not wanting to give yoga a serious try, just trust me when I say it gets easier. As you probably know with your fitness journey, it takes time to see results. Yoga won’t instantly turn you into a flexible gymnast. You won’t magically relieve all of your pain or feel 100% at ease after a super stressful day. Give it a try for let’s say a whole month. Do about 30 minutes a week and see how you feel at the end of the month. Another really important thing to keep in mind is you probably won’t be able to do all the poses right off the bat. Don’t become frustrated, you WILL see progress if you keep at it. If you’re doing intense workouts, I highly recommend adding yoga into your routine. It will give you a break from the high cardio and improve your performance.

How has yoga changed your life? Comment below and let me know what you love about it 🙂


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