5 Tips for eating your fruits & veggies

Eating healthy is a challenge in many ways. The basics are simple enough though. Eat your veggies and ditch your sweets, right? But as we all no far to well it’s not as simple as it may seem! I talk a lot about avoiding those naughty foods because that’s what I struggle with the most. I’m always looking for new ways to eliminate cravings because that’s my weakness. I don’t have that portion all figured out but I do know a thing or two about getting your veggies into your diet.

The thing most people struggle with when it comes to produce are as follows:

#1- You think you can’t afford them

It’s astonishing how much money can be saved purchasing a fast food burger than a healthy salad at the supermarket. No wonder so many of us are overweight! First of all everyone views money differently and you’re going to spend and extra buck or two on something that means a lot to you (like your health). My tip for saving money on produce are to look at the sales flyers, purchase produce that are in season, and check out your local farmer’s markets. Bagged salads are almost always BOGO or 2 for $5 at my grocery store. Grab one cucumber, one green pepper, and one red onion and you’ve got yourself a salad for the week. All of those ingredients are super cheap. Walk around the produce section and really look at the prices. You’ll quickly recognize which items tend to be on the cheaper side and which ones are prices. Don’t forget to use the scale! Some of the prices are based on weight which could add up if you’re not paying attention.

#2- You forget to eat them

Every single time produce enters your kitchen you need to be prepping it right away. Wash your grapes and store them in serving size containers. Chop your veggies and throw your salad together. Slice your watermelon (whole fruits are less expensive than pre cut) and display right in the middle of your fridge. If it’s ready to be eaten and staring right at you when you open the fridge, you’re more likely to grab it as a snack.

#3- They go bad too quickly

Never buy more than what you can eat in about a weeks time and if you know you won’t eat it right away, choose the less ripened option. I do this with bananas right away because they seem to ripen overnight. I’ll get the green ones and by the end of the week they’re just starting to get over ripened. Certain produce doesn’t go bad as quickly either so these are the ones you need to be getting if you tend to waste fruit and veggies every week.

#4- You’re not in the mood for it

The first thing you need to do is clean out your cupboards. If you have any junk stashed away (even if it isn’t yours) you’ll be tempted to go after that rather than your healthy foods. Get rid of it right away! You’ll also want to figure out what you like to eat and that might take a little experimenting. Ideally you’ll start to crave your favorite produce. I look forward to my banana every morning and my sweet potato snack every afternoon 🙂

#5- You don’t have time for it

If you followed tip #2 and prepped your produce as soon as you got home from the store, you should have plenty of time to incorporate healthy snacks into your daily meals but I get it if you’re on the go and rush out of the house in a hurry. If you’re one of these people, I’m gonna recommend Shakeology. It will give you all the nutrients you need for the day in a quick and easy (and yummy) drink that you can grab as you’re heading out the door.

Looking for all the best produce deals, planning your meals, and prepping all your veggies and measuring them out sounds tedious but it’s so worth it and you’ll get much better at it as you go. It comes naturally to me now. I automatically make my huge salad for the week right when I get home without even thinking about it. It ends up saving you a lot of time and effort in the long run not to mention money (you won’t be wasting all that food anymore!). I only mentioned 5 tips in this post so if you have something to add to it, please share in the comments below!


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