The KEY to reaching your nutrition & fitness goals

Once you make the simple decision to change your life by eating healthier and exercising, it’s pretty easy to get yourself pumped up about it. You’re imagining staring at a leaner you in the mirror, you go out and buy brand new running shoes, you purchase every healthy cookbook on the market, you create your workout schedule, and you’re just ecstatic about starting something new. That’s excellent! However, most of us have a difficult time keeping the momentum going. We tend to start out strong and then a busy day comes our way. You skip the workout for the day and grab fast food on the way home. Then the next day you’re way too tired to get any type of exercise in whatsoever so you skip another day thinking it’s no big deal. Before you know it your new running shoes are in the corner collecting dust and the determination you had when starting out has gone out the window.

We’ve all been there, right? But there’s a little known secret that’s PROVEN to keep people on track. Brace yourself, this is a good one…

Having a workout buddy keeps you accountable. This person is going to push you harder than you ever thought possible. Say you did 5 pushups and were so done. But then you see that your buddy did double that. For sure you can get in a couple more! Another bonus to a fitness buddy- On days that you want to skip out, you’ll feel guilty like you’re seriously letting down your buddy. You’re not gonna cancel on your friend day after day, are you?
When working out with a friend, you’ll most likely develop a fitness schedule together. This helps you become more consistent and consistency is key! You will see some serious results simply by sticking to a routine and that goes for ANY area of your life.

The Problem-
To be perfectly honest, I’m not always a people person. I don’t like starting conversations with people I don’t know, I don’t like working out in front of other people, and I don’t have many close friends to even have as a fitness buddy. I started exercising with Zumba and then later the Beachbody programs because I was able to do all my workouts without leaving my house! I didn’t have to join a gym and try to figure out equipment that looked foreign to me, I didn’t have to interact with anyone, I didn’t have to search for someone to do my workouts with, and I didn’t have to feel like all eyes were on me. So anyway, I get how the buddy system can be more difficult than it sounds. But listen up, I have a solution for all the shy people out there who just want to work out in their living room alone.

The Solution-
The way I stayed on track with my fitness is I told everyone that I knew what I was doing. Once the results started showing, people would ask me all the time what I was doing. I was so excited to tell them all about the fitness programs because I absolutely loved them. I knew the second I gave up, all those people would come back and question me about it. I basically wanted to set a good example and be the person I was telling people I was. It was that simple for me but I know how difficult this journey is for so many people and I definitely recommend something MORE for you (read on).

Challenge Groups
When you purchase a new Beachbody fitness program or Shakeology, you have the option to join a challenge group. This is a Facebook group with a bunch of people just like you. They’re all starting a new fitness program and they’re struggling to stay on track. They’re serious about making a difference in their life as well as others. The group is designed to keep you going day after day with daily tasks such as “post a picture of the outfit you’re dying to fit into again” that you would post right in the private group along with the workout you did for the day and your food journal. You can also ask any questions and share struggles/victories within the group. You’ll be interacting with everyone in the group every single day and it’s 100% online.

The daily tips within the group are like a little bonus. Most of the time these will center around clean eating since that’s a big part of seeing killer results. There also might be healthy recipe files that you can download. The content of the group all depends on the type of group it is but generally you’ll see a lot on healthy eating and recipes.

Not only are you getting one fitness buddy, but you’re getting a whole group who’s there specifically to help you reach your goals. The interaction you’ll be doing within the group is like no other. Think about it. How would you feel logging in to tell everyone that you just devoured an entire cake and haven’t worked out in 3 days? Um, no thanks! You simply won’t do it just to avoid the embarrassment. These challenge groups typically run for 21 days. The reason? It takes roughly 21 days to form a habit. You have no choice but to stay on track throughout the course of the challenge so when it’s over, you’ll be well on your way to living a healthy lifestyle.

The challenge groups are only for those SERIOUS about reaching their fitness goals. Only join one if you are 110% committed! If you’re ready to go right this minute, I have a challenge group that’s coming up just in time. I call it the Summer Slim Down Challenge. Summer brings so many obstacles including vacations, weddings, BBQ s, pool parties, etc. The group will focus on resisting temptation no matter where you’re at. As always, there will be daily clean eating tips as well as healthy snacks to bring to a party. The challenge begins June 22nd but you’ll want to get your fitness program ahead of time so you’re ready to go.

Comment below or Facebook me here if you’d like to join the Summer Slim Down Challenge. We’ll go over your goals and choose the perfect program for you prior to starting. Can’t wait to start this incredible journey with you! 🙂


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