When’s the best time to start a new diet and fitness plan?

How many times have you fallen off the wagon on a Friday night? Maybe your little treat turned into more than just a little. You’d love to get back on track but you have a dinner date on Saturday and know you won’t be focused. There’s always Sunday but what’s the point? You’ll binge one more day and start fresh on Monday.

Am I the only one who does this? My one question is why start fresh on Monday? Why not Thursday?

In addition to that, we tend to set our goals in the beginning of the year and start working toward them on January 1st. If we screw that plan up and aren’t consistent, we shoot for the beginning of a new month (as long as it’s also a Monday). But I’ve got news for you (and myself as well since I tend to fall in this trap). We’re going about this all wrong! Monday is NOT the perfect time to start a new diet or fitness program nor is New Year’s. Here’s why…

To see the results you desire, you must be 100% committed. You’re in it for the long haul no matter what! As we all know by now, weight loss and the journey to a healthier lifestyle is NOT easy. I think it’s safe to say that every single one of us struggles with it. Before starting something new, you must be completely ready to give it your all. You have to be pumped up about it, have set goals and a plan written down on paper of how you’re going to achieve them. The most important thing is consistency. Are you going away on vacation in 2 days? Then I recommend holding off until you return to your normal schedule.

What I’m getting at is the PERFECT time to start a new diet or workout is when you’re mentally ready to do so. If that happens to be Monday, January 1st then go for it! But don’t jump into a commitment this huge before you’re ready just because it’s Monday. If you’re ready on a Thursday, go for it on Thursday! Say you found your dream house for sale. Would you wait until Monday to look into it further and make an offer? No way!

Keep this in mind when planning your start date. Don’t join a gym with a friend when you have no intention of going for at least another month. That’s just a waste of money! Always wait for the right time. You’ll know it when it comes đŸ™‚


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