I’ve reached a new low. I’m starting to dream about junk food. Literally.

UPDATE: This past week I’ve started the Keto diet which is high fat & low carb. I feel like I’ve been eating like a fat ass all week with fat bombs, peanut butter, bacon, and lots of cheese. But so far it’s been working out! I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about a diet. I can seriously eat my favorite foods minus the sugar and carbs. Here’s a video I made on the first day going on the diet.

So not to brag or anything but I’m pretty awesome at this diet! Even though I’m rockin it right now, I do have some good stuff in my food diary that happened prior to starting. Enjoy!

I’ve reached a new low. I’m starting to dream about junk food. Literally. Last night Justin went to 7-11 to get soda and a brownie. I was good and didn’t get anything at all! Woohoo! But last night I had a dream that I lived in 7-11. I was surrounded by honey buns, Kit Kats, and Reese’s. I could have anything I wanted, as much of it as I wanted and it was all free. Maybe I should of just picked up that damn peanut butter brownie while I was actually there and been done with it!

I’ve discovered the magic trick to avoid eating junk food before bed! All you have to do is lay in bed and toss & turn constantly thinking about the food you’re craving until you fall asleep. Easy as that! So I’m starting the high fat, low carb Keto diet and I’m really excited. Also a little nervous since I can’t have ANY sugar, not even most fruits. How in the world am I ever going to do this?? Good news is all the recipes sound super amazing like peanut butter fat bombs! And lots of bacon and cheese. Can’t go wrong with that 🙂

And that’s all for now! Tell me, have you ever tried this Keto diet? Tips, suggestions, recipes and whatever else you got for me is much appreciated!


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