How to Organize Pinterest Recipes in 5 Easy Steps

How to Organize Pinterest Recipes in 5

Let’s be honest. We all probably spend a little too much time on Pinterest. That little red “Pin It” button is like a drug. You know what I mean. You’re scrolling through your feed and it’s so easy to pin, pin, pin. It’s all fun and games until you try finding a pin from the past and it’s nowhere to be found. You realize that you have a mess of different boards going on and how in the world did the best ever cookie recipe get thrown in with cute shoes? I call it pin crazy. When you pin so fast you don’t even select the correct board for it to be pinned to. I’ve been using my Pinterest mainly to save recipes lately and my food boards are all over the place. I used to have an overall food category that I pinned everything to. Then I added healthy recipes, desserts, breakfasts, etc and never went through to clean up my original food board. That one had over 1,000 pins so you can see how I didn’t feel like going through and organizing. But I need to do it ASAP so I can actually use these recipes! To get us both motivated to make some sort of sense of our Pinterest boards, here’s how to get your Pinterest recipes organized in 5 easy steps. No longer will we be only pinning. From now on we’ll also be DOING these incredible pins!

1. Determine your main categories.

“Food” just won’t do anymore. If I’m searching for something healthy for dinner, seeing a chocolate cake pin won’t do me any good. If anything, it’ll make me go out and buy a chocolate cake. You can be as broad as you like with your categories just take into consideration how many pins will go into the category. For example, my desserts board is huge. I love dessert! So I  can always break that board down into two; desserts, and healthy treats. While you really need to create your own categories based on your personal needs, here’s a list of my categories to give you some ideas.

Recipes – Salads & Dressings

Recipes – Healthy Treats

Recipes – Healthy Meals

Recipes – Keto

Recipes – Shakes

Recipes – Breakfast

Recipes – Cheats

Notice that each one starts with the main category “recipes”. This will make it easy for you to find the correct board when on a pinning spree.

2. Re-arrange your current boards

Simply click the “Edit Board” button to make changes to the current board. Here you can update the name and description as well as delete the board altogether. Click the “Move Pins” button to select pins that belong in a diferent board. Check the pins that need to be pinned, click “Move” and select the appropriate board for them. You can also move your boards around by clicking them and dragging them to where you want. Make sure your most popular boards are listed first so you don’t have to scroll down to get to them.

3. Choose the best display image

Pinterest will automatically choose a display image from your pinned content for your display image. However, it’s not always the best picture. For the longest time, my dessert board had a dish that looked like some kind of shredded meat. It wasn’t but it sure looked like it! You want your display image to accurately describe what’s in that board because let’s face it, we don’t always like to read. In the “Edit Board” pop up you’ll see an option to change the cover. This will allow you to scroll through your pins and select your favorite image.

4. Add a description

Did you know that you can search keywords within your own pins? I didn’t even think about it but it makes it so much easier! Add a description to your pins so you can find them easier. “Chicken Dinner” would be good keywords to have in the description. Then when you’re feeling chicken for dinner, you can pull up all the chicken dinner recipes you have ever pinned without having to scroll through your thousands of pins. Genius! To search: Type in what you’re looking for in the regular search box and select “your pins” underneath.

5. Maintain

Go back through your boards every once in awhile to make sure everything’s pinned correctly and delete any repeat pins. Add additional boards when needed and delete boards that have hardly anything in them.

I don’t know about you but I have a lot of work to do on my Pinterest. I want to start actually using this amazing tool instead of just pinning stuff I never end up doing. In this post I focused on recipe boards because that’s the main thing I’m pinning on Pinterest. What are you pinning the most of?? Let me know in the comments below!

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