“I’m almost embarrassed to tell people about my new diet” & more from my food diary

_I'm almost embarrassed to tell people

Been on the Keto diet for 2 weeks now and this is how I’m feeling about it so far. Comment below with any questions about the diet and I’d be more than happy to answer them the best I can!

Trying to eat all the peanut butter in the house so it’s not tempting me. I think I have a new love though and her name’s almond butter (the natural stuff). I’m just trying to get rid of it all! I just can’t have this stuff in my house anymore. Other than the peanut butter binges, I’m doing great on the keto diet! I lost a few pounds and haven’t had any cravings other than the nut butter. Once I gobble this stuff up, I’ll be good to go once again…hopefully…

Why don’t my macros allow me to eat anything else today??? Grr…

Bacon & cheese, bacon & cheese. This is my life now. I’m almost embarrassed to tell people about my new diet. They probably think I’m insane for wrapping everything in bacon and consuming “bombs” of fat. Oh well, I’m loving it.

Dinner WIN of the week goes to…

Cauliflower “mac” n cheese!!!

This stuff was seriously good, like just as good as the real stuff šŸ™‚


Recipe here:Shan Made

(I added the bacon myself)

Anyone else on a low carb high fat diet? Recipe suggestions are always welcome! OR if you aren’t sure about a recipe, post it below and I’ll try it out and do a review on it!


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