“Alright I want pizza. An extra cheesy, extra saucy, extra greasy pizza all for me.”

_Alright I want pizza.


Planning dinners for the week is fun on this diet! I’m so looking forward to bacon burgers, cheesesteak bowls, zucchini pasta, breakfast for dinner with bacon, eggs, and keto pancakes, pork tenderloin, and brats. I have to admit though that I’m feeling VERY hungry after work these days. I limit myself to one fat bomb but am always just waiting around for dinner. The hardest part is with consuming so much fat, I tend to take in too many calories. It’s so easy to go over! Been good with carbs though! Still learning so it’s all good 🙂


I’ve been working from home all morning and all I can think about is running to the kitchen to finish off my peanut butter. Must resist! Maybe a walk instead? Yeah, I think I need to get out!

6/27/15 Continued…

I did take a walk but still had the munchies. I knew if I didn’t find a solution, that jar of peanut butter would be history. So I stopped at the store and picked up a shit ton of sugar free jello. And now we play the waiting game… only 4 more hours till it’s ready to eat!


Alright I want pizza. An extra cheesy, extra saucy, extra greasy pizza all for me. Stuffed crust? Sure, why not! But instead I’ll be enjoying a bacon cheeseburger and cauliflower “mac” n cheese. Can’t complain about that! Except it’s not pizza…

New food of the week…



Zoodling was surprisingly easy and actually really fun to do! We made it with a creamy chicken sauce that was to die for! Can I say better than pasta? Yeah, I’ll say it. This was probably the winning meal of the week. Even my hubby LOVED it 🙂


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