“Saw someone eating an Oreo on TV. The Oreo had like 2 seconds of airtime but it stuck with me…”

_Saw someone eating an Oreo on TV. The

Another week down on the Keto diet and still loving it! BUT I must say, my cravings are slowly stacking up so this weekend calls for a carb blowout. I was fine in the beginning of the diet but I guess it’s been too long with no yummy carbs!


Just devoured a HUGE breakfast and don’t even feel bad about it. Bacon, scrambled eggs with cheese, and cream cheese pancakes. Oh and bacon. Did I already say that? Well lots of bacon. Had to go all out for the holiday weekend. So stoked I have off today! Just a little worried about the extra day off. I tend to cheat more on the weekend and the last thing I need is to be bad 2 days in a row. Tonight is game night so we’ll be doing wings and I can actually have them on my diet! I really do love keto. Oh and yesterday was ice cream day at work. I don’t like to admit it but I went out to eat that day because ice cream is one of my huge weakness and I just cannot be around it at this time. On the other hand, I am proud of myself for avoiding it. One day I’ll be able to be in the same room and control myself 🙂 lol ONE DAY!


Saw someone eating an Oreo on TV. The Oreo had like 2 seconds of airtime but it stuck with me and now all I can think about is devouring a whole box of em. Why am I so hungry??


Enter the office kitchen today and what do I see sitting there? That’s right. OREOS! But I was good and waited to have my chocolate orange fat bomb when I got home. I was considering having just one though. But everyone knows you can’t have just one Oreo! That’s preposterous!


Got a whiff of who knows what but it reminded me of pretzels. How AMAZING does a soft pretzel and cheese sound right about now? I think my cheat meal will come early this month… I desperately need it!

The “winning meal of the week” seems to be a regular thing now so I’m just gonna go with it. This week’s winner is……

Pork rind fried chicken!!


Unfortunately, I got this recipe out of my Keto book so I can’t throw in a quick link but it was pretty simple from what I saw as my personal chef (hubby) cooked it up for me. He used crushed pork rinds with seasoning (use whatever you like) as a breading and fried it in coconut oil. The chicken came out perfectly crispy on the outside and super moist!

What’s your winning recipe of the week? Comment below!


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