“The scale is just a liar anyway. Like it has authority to tell you if you’re beautiful or not.”

_The scale is just a liar anyway. Like

I CANNOT believe it. I have absolutely nothing to report when it comes to my food diary this week! I’m kind of bummed that I don’t have anything to share but at the same time this means that I’m doing good on my diet. No cravings whatsoever. WOOHOO!!! You have no idea how insane it is for me to hear myself say that. HUGE accomplishment right there 🙂

I do want to update you on how the keto diet has been treating me these days. I’ve seen an enormous change in my body recently. It feels like it happened overnight. I gained about 6 or 7 pounds. Like anyone, I was freaking out but could not for the life of me figure out where that weight was going. My clothes started fitting tighter and I felt like giving up. But then I realized that it was all muscle. For real!! My thighs are huge now but I’m ok with that because they’re solid.

So for now on, no scale for me. It’s just dangerous business weighing yourself every day sometimes multiple times a day. The scale is just a liar anyway. Like it has authority to tell you if you’re beautiful or not. Psshhh….

One downside I’ve seen with the low carb high fat diet is that my workouts seem to be harder to get through and afterward I feel absolutely exhausted. Of course I am doing a high intensity program but I feel much more worn out earlier on in the workout. I hear this is normal though. Does this happen to you?

Moving on to the good stuff… The meal of the week will BLOW. YOUR. MIND.


Yeah, that’s Parmesan crusted chicken with cheese and bacon & it is the BOMB! Want the recipe? Comment below. That’s right, I’ll make ya work for it 🙂


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