7 Ways to enjoy more “me” time

7 Ways to enjoy more _me_ time(2)The truth is finally coming out. You may think I have it all together but really, I don’t. I SO don’t! In fact, I’m pretty overwhelmed on most days. My to-do list grows throughout the day like weeds and then I find myself in the weeds when I get home from my full time job. I have a small window to get work done for my business and cook dinner before heading to bed and that leaves me very little time for myself. I call it my “me” time and I use it to clear my head and read. I love reading books! Anyway, I’ve been working on this a lot and have realized how important time management is. I’ve been doing the following 7 things and feel like a weight has been lifted. I feel like I’m getting more accomplished, I’m getting the important things done better, and I’m able to get my reading in AND spend more time with my family. I never in a million years thought I could pull it off but it’s possible and I can teach you how! Read on to see how YOU can enjoy more “me” time.

1. Create to-do lists

Trust me, you will NOT remember every single thing that pops up in life. You think you’ll remember. But you won’t. There’s only so much your brain can handle at once before you start spinning around in circles and eventually drive yourself crazy. Putting tasks on a list gives you peace of mind and room in that head of yours to think about other more important things. I recommend using an app on your phone for list making. That way you have it on you at all times and can check tasks off as you go.

2. Identify your top 3 priorities

So you’ve got your to-do list together, right? That’s AWESOME! But there’s one more step. We tend to go after the smaller tasks first just for the satisfaction of checking them off the list. But what you should really be doing are the most important (and often biggest) tasks first. Take a look at your list and determine the top three tasks that absolutely must get done that day. Other things can wait for tomorrow or can be delegated.

3. Keep your goal in mind

I am really hoping you have a clear goal set for yourself either personal or professional. If not, stop reading this blog right now and get to thinking about what you really want out of life! Anyway, what you do throughout the day needs to be getting you closer to that big goal. Every hour stop and ask yourself how this is helping you grow as a person. Is this the best use of your time? Could you be doing other more important tasks instead?

4. Focus your time

We all have limited focus in our day but there’s probably a time when you’re most alert and energized. Use this window of time to get your most important tasks done. And get FOCUSED. Don’t check Facebook in the middle of a project. Sit down and work for an hour straight, completely focused with no distractions. GET IT DONE!

5. Stay organized

One thing I need to get better at is keeping track of everything especially my running list of people I met through networking. Truth: I haven’t added anyone to the list in a few weeks. Oooops! Anyway, keep EVERYTHING organized from your tasks and numerous documents to the thoughts that pop up in your head. Keep a journal handy at all times to jot down those brilliant ideas of yours. It’s no mystery that disorganization causes stress so do whatever you need to  do to get yourself organized.

6. Schedule “me” time

You need to uses your time wisely but that doesn’t mean you have to be business all the time. You definitely need your own personal time to clear your mind. Exercise is a great stress reliever. I also recommend mediation, reading, spending quality time with friends and family, watching funny movies and TV shows, and anything else that makes you happy. Remember to enjoy life!

7. Reflect

At the end of each day, reflect on what you did well and what you can improve on. You’re not going to get this whole time management thing right (or anything in life for that matter) the first time. It will take some practice but that’s what new days are for! Think about how you can do certain tasks more efficiently to save time. Consider taking some tasks out of your to-do list altogether. Remember to keep learning! Expand your knowledge and skill to begin doing things better. It’s a good idea to make your to-do list before going to bed so it’s fresh in your mind upon waking up.

It’s so important to take care of yourself! That includes exercise, healthy meals, plenty of sleep, spending time with loved ones, and plenty of time to focus on yourself! You know what’s funny? I get done my most important tasks for the day and I end up having all this extra time on my hands that I feel like I’m not working hard enough. But really, I’m just eliminating the busywork that doesn’t really need to be done in the first place. By focusing on what matters in your professional life, you’ll have more time to kick back and enjoy that “me” time we all need so much.

Speaking of saving valuable time in your day, one way to do so is to cut your exercise time in half. Yes, I’m totally serious! It’s proven that the first 30 minutes of a workout are your best performance anyway and then as you get tired, your form and energy go downhill. What would you say if I told you that it’s possible to achieve the same results by cutting your workout in half? I’ll be hosting a 21 day challenge group where I’ll show you exactly how to do it. We’ll be starting a new 30 minute a day fitness program and sharing our progress throughout the challenge which keeps everyone accountable. I’ll also share helpful tips and healthy recipes. Participants are encouraged to invite their friends too. This is going to be so much fun!! Comment below to join and I’ll help you find your perfect workout program. 🙂


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