August CHALLENGE: Logging your food


I’ve talked about My Fitness Pal before and I think it’s a great way to keep track of your calories and macros (percentage of fat, carbs, and protein) that you take in every day. This is important because if you’re taking in way too many calories, you won’t lose weight even with working out every day. You need to keep track of this stuff! My Fitness Pal makes it super easy but you can also jot everything down in a notebook. Even just making a list of the things you’re eating in a day can open your eyes to exactly how much you’re consuming. You’ll probably realize where you can cut some things out and make smarter decisions.

For the month of August I CHALLENGE you to log your food every single day, even your cheat meals! Are you up for it?? Below you’ll find a calendar PDF. Print it out as a reminder and mark whether or not you logged your food and if you went over or under on your calories. Don’t stress so much about going over. It’s actually good to fluctuate from day to day. The important thing is to log everything and you can always make adjustments as you go.

The challenge begins TODAY so let’s get started! Get your calendar here —> August Challenge

Learn more about My Fitness Pal HERE


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