The plan: ” I think I’ll go to the Chinese buffet when I’m super hungry and just pig out.”



Last night I was seriously tempted to stop at the store on the way home from the movies for a jar of peanut butter. In the shower this morning (don’t ask me why) I had a craving for a warm, salty soft pretzel with a bucket of cheese. Guess I could have the cheese but I’m SOL on the pretzel 😦


I’ve done it again. Bought more peanut butter. 2 jars!


4 Day weekends are so hard! I feel like I’ve been eating so much these days. Just started Max:30 and go back to work tomorrow so I’ll get back on track. Excited to get my act together and see some serious results!


Alright so I think it’s about time for another cheat meal. I feel the cravings picking back up so it’s time to just get it out of my system. I was considering going to Yogurt Mountain for frozen yogurt piled high with candy. But I also want Chinese. I think I’ll go to the Chinese buffet when I’m super hungry and just pig out. Maybe not eat a whole lot that day so I don’t feel like such a fat ass. Yeah, I think that’s my new plan.

Ever have a craving for fries or tater tots?? Don’t lie, I know you have. Well, the meal of the week is…




11796311_739098436216118_2870563335948248013_nGet the recipe HERE

Our review- We probably could have baked them longer to get them crispier and they still had a cauliflower taste. The texture was spot on though. Maybe we just need to add some different seasoning or some more salt to give them that tot taste. Overall, we REALLY liked them and will totally be making them again!


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