How I’ve relieved stress in only 10 minutes a day

How i've

For awhile (like the last few months) I was super stressed and thought I simply couldn’t juggle the million things I thought were so important in my life. I recently realized, however, that I was overworking myself on the things that didn’t matter and not focusing on the things that were actually driving me to success. Anyway, I work a full time job where I feel like I’m always busy. I love working there but it’s mostly brain work and problem solving which totally drains me mentally. Then I would come home and work on my business which between the long training videos, endless networking, and trying to talk to a million people at once, was just too much to handle. I felt like I didn’t have a life!

The first thing that helped me to make a huge change was reading personal development books. I read the same three (The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy, and Go Pro by Eric Worre) two or three times each. The most valuable thing I’ve learned was how to manage my time. I was doing things that were just wasting my time and not developing my business whatsoever. I would try to network with all these people on Instagram, people I didn’t even have a connection with. I would spend over an hour a day searching people on Instagram. Now I spend about 5 minutes making REAL connections with just a few people. So basically, I’m learning to evaluate my to-do list and pick out the top three things I must get done. These three things are what will have the biggest impact on my business. I eliminated a lot of stuff from my list and added on one thing that changed everything for me. It’s now my number one priority because without it, I can’t seem to get anything done.

I wake up bright & early to get a nice sweat sesh in which pumps me up and energizes me for the day. That’s great and all but I tend to have a million things running through my head. I have two to-do lists that I need to manage. The things I need to get done at my full time job and the things I have to squeeze in somewhere in between for my business. Before I do ANYTHING I must clear my head and prepare for a stress free day. You won’t believe it but doing this one thing for only 10 minutes a day has changed the way I work. It’s made me happier and I magically have more time to relax with my family. By that I mean cuddling up on the couch with my puppy and reading a good book šŸ™‚

As mentioned, my personal development books have changed the way I work. It’s also given me more confidence to run my own business and the motivation to move forward with it. But I felt like I still had a ton of things on my plate. So I downloaded an app (Headspace) and started meditating. If you’re not into it, you probably have the same thoughts I did before giving it a try. I thought it was a waste of time. I thought I would never be able to grasp the concept of totally clearing my mind as I’m a non-stop kind of person. Either that or I’d fall asleep during a session (which I’ve done!). And I just didn’t believe it really worked.

I read a lot of SUCCESS, Entrepreneur and other similar articles and I started hearing a lot about the benefits of this meditation thing so I decided to give it a try. For the first week or two one of two things would happen. My mind would either wander the entire time and I couldn’t get it back or I’d start to drift off to sleep. The sleeping part was nice and relaxing but didn’t benefit me a whole lot. But now that I’ve been getting into it for a weeks, I’m starting to get the hang of totally clearing my mind. It’s like your in an odd state of nothing-ness. You’re not thinking about anything but at the same time you’re focusing on your body and breathing. I’m not going to get into how you actually go about meditating because you can get all that through an app. I highly recommend checking out Headspace, it’s been my favorite so far.

I did however, want to let you know how it’s changed the way I view my days. When I first start my day, I worry about how I’ll get everything done with the little time I have. But when I meditate I let all that worry and stress melt away. I realize there’s more to this life than just to-do lists. I strive to to do more of what makes me happy and also what I happen to be good at because I realize those are my strengths and in turn they will help me grow my business. I let all that extra fluff just drift away. I always feel refreshed and productive after meditating. Like I want to take on the world but at the same time I’m super calm. It’s a weird feeling. I’ve also learned to let things that would normally upset me or anger me go easier. What’s the point of getting worked up over something someone else said to you? I just don’t have time for that and it’s not my problem!

Since I’m so focused, I’m able to get the more important things done efficiently so I have the time to spend on myself or with my family which makes me happier. I love ending my day by reading a good book and eating a nice dinner with my hubby without having to worry about the number of people I networked with that day. You have good work days and not so good work days but you do what you can and start fresh the next day with a positive outlook.

This is how I’ve been surviving and hope it helps you in your busy life. Remember that life’s supposed to be FUN! Enjoy it šŸ™‚


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