It only takes 21 days to change your life. Here’s why.

It only takes 21 days to

You’ve seen it before. Maybe the gym has a 21 day fitness challenge or you stumble across a 21 day fitness support group on Facebook. You know, those 21 day healthy eating challenges or the 21 day squat challenge. They’re all over the place but what’s up with the magic number 21?

I was thinking the same thing when my cousin was hosting a 21 day challenge at his gym and that happens to be the exact number of days we normally host Facebook groups for Beachbody. Ever hear of the 21 Day Fix? It’s not just random. There’s reason behind this whole 21 day thing!

So apparently, it takes about 21 days to form a habit. So if these various healthy eating and fitness challenges keep you on course for a full 21 days, when the challenge is over you should be good to go on your own. It actually makes perfect sense. The first week of anything, you’re pumped to start something new but you’re still getting used to the new changes. Week two it starts to set in that this is actually going to be difficult. You might want to start giving into your cravings or get lazy with your workouts at this point. But with the support of a challenge group, you should be motivated to continue anyway. Week three you start to get more comfortable with everything and things start flowing better. You’ll be used to getting up early for your workout. You’ll start looking forward to finding new healthy recipes to make for dinner. It all starts to click.

So why 3 weeks and not a whole month? Making a whole month commitment might be a lot for some people. While it’s only a week longer than 21 days, the word “month” seems a lot longer than “3 weeks”. It’s harder for some people to make that commitment which could cause them not to give it a try at all. However, after completing the 21 days, it should become second nature and you’ll actually want to continue and be able to do so on your own.

Remember I mentioned the 21 Day Fix? This is the PERFECT program for anyone starting out who are serious about both their fitness and nutrition. It seriously couldn’t be simpler. It’s a 21 day fitness program with 30 minute a day workouts so you can easily fit them into your schedule. It also comes with easy portion control food containers. That means no weighing food or calorie counting, taking all the guesswork out for you. Basically, if it fits in the container, you can have it! Once the program is complete you can even move up to the 21 Day Fix Extreme program to ramp up your results.

On top of all of that you will be aligned with me as your coach and I’ll be here to help you throughout your entire journey. You can ask me ANYTHING! You can also choose to join a Facebook focus group to keep yourself accountable with others starting a new program just like yourself. We post fun daily posts within the group and I share my insider tips. It’s so much fun!

To get started on your fitness journey with the 21 Day Fix, I want you to first watch this video to make sure it aligns with your goals: 21 DAY FIX VIDEO

Don’t think that’s the one for you? Comment below and I’ll work with you to find your ideal program so you can get started on your 21 days to success!


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