“My hubby was shocked at how much I ate. #NoShame”

My hubby was shocked at how much I ate.

Here we go again…


I haven’t eaten all day in preparation for my cheat meal tonight. You know how hard that is for me?? This better be worth it…stay tuned!


I had 2 huge plate fulls of Chinese food, a bowl of (2 different flavors) ice cream, a plate of cakes and brownies, and of course my fortune cookie (which was so not true, telling me this and that about my love for gardening!). Anyway, my hubby was shocked at how much I ate. #NoShame


Bought BOGO peanut butter 2 days ago. Other than baking peanut butter cookies, I haven’t touched them. Not even a finger lick! That is a HUGE win for me! Absolutely no cravings since my Chinese extravaganza either!


So maybe I had a little peanut butter… But I’m doing good! Maybe if I eat enough, I won’t want it for as long as I live. One could only hope 🙂

So I kinda have this thing, you know since I’m from the Philadelphia area, about cheese steaks. I know, I know, it’s all about the bread!! That’s what makes a Philly cheese steak so special. BUT since I was being good.. I turned my favorite sandwich into a bowl. Or at least my hubby did. He makes them the best 🙂

Meat (<– see what I did there?) the CHEESE STEAK BOWL! Complete with roast beef, garlic, mushrooms, onions, mozzarella and provolone cheese.


COMMENT below with your favorite sandwich and I’ll work on coming up with a creative bowl version you can enjoy without all those carbs 🙂


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