6 Kitchen gadgets that make healthy eating easier

6 Kitchen gadgets that make healthy eating

When I say losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle changes a person, I mean it really changes who you are. Before starting this journey I wouldn’t dare step foot in a gym or a kitchen! Well, maybe the kitchen to make my boxed brownies and Hamburger Helper but that’s about it. Now I’m obsessed with cookbooks, inventing new healthy recipes, taking food pics (yes, I’m one of those people), and getting the coolest kitchen gadgets I can get my hands on. I’m about to share with you my ULTIMATE kitchen gadget list and want to let you know that there’s nothing crazy you’ll see on here. No quesadilla maker that ends up collecting dust and taking up valuable kitchen space. Well, there is one oddball in there but I think you’ll find it very useful. Anyway, if you’re going to spend money on kitchen appliances/gadgets do so on these PRACTICAL investments. And they won’t even cost you much $ 🙂

  1. Food processor

IMG_20150821_174803698(Can you tell I have a water stain problem?)

We got a cheap food processor (about $30) on Amazon and the very first thing we did was shred cheese. You save money by buying it in a block but do you realize how much of a pain in the ass it is to do my hand?? It would seriously start melting on my hubby as he was shredding. No bueno! A minute in the food processor and it’s done! You can even use the slicer if you prefer thin slices. The main thing I use the food processor for these days is cauliflower. You can use the grater attachment (same as you use for cheese) and get uncooked cauliflower the consistency of rice and then fry it up. You can put cooked cauliflower in there with some cream cheese and butter and instantly get yourself creamy cauliflower mash (like mashed potatoes). Need crushed pork rind or pretzels for breading? Throw em in! You can do pretty much anything with a food processor. If there’s one thing on this list to get, it’s this one. Seriously! Stop reading this and go get yourself a food processor if you don’t already have one!

2. Veggie steamer


The healthiest way to cook your veggies is to steam them and it’s super easy to do. Get a pot of water to a boil, slap this veggie steamer on top, and throw your veggies in. It can take a little while especially cauliflower but the trick is to start them first while you get the rest of the meal prepared. It also depends on how much you’re loading the steamer up. The more you have in there, the longer it takes. I really like this particular steamer because it’s silicone. It bends up, it’s easy to store, and it can be thrown in the dishwasher. Plus I scored this fun colorful one at Walmart for under $20. Ok, I honestly have no idea how much I paid for it but it was definitely cheap.

3. Veggetti


Zoodles, or zucchini noodles have been all the rage these days with low-carb dieting being the thing to do. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of it or seen one of these gadgets before because it was totally foreign to me at first too. I’d see all these spiraled zucchini noodle pics on Instagram and be baffled at how people got them that way. And then I finally got the balls to ask someone about it and placed my order for the Veggetti on Amazon right away (gets yours here). It may look like something from space but it’s actually the simplest thing in the world. Throw your zucchini in and just start twisting it! There are fancier versions but trust me, this one will work just fine. I normally don’t buy kitchen gadgets that I’m not 100% positive I’ll use often but this one was so cheap and small so I figured, why not? It has definitely been worth it so far!

4. Blender


I haven’t used my blender in quite some time since I’ve been doing the whole low-carb thing and don’t eat fruit. But blenders are amazing and I love them! I know I’m not the average dieter with my no fruit plan so I did want to share the miracle I have have stumbled across using a blender, some frozen fruit, and a splash of milk. If you haven’t seen it before, you’ve got to check out this post: DIY Ice Cream. Yes, those 3 simple ingredients will produce a guilt-free ice cream. This is a game changer! Go get yourself a blender and make some yummy desserts that actually fit into your diet! You can do various shakes, frozen drinks, whatever! If you’re not a super serious shake maker, go for a cheap blender. If you end up using it all the time, I know there are pricey ones out there worth investing in.

5. Crockpot

Every Sunday in the winter (I’m not sure why it has to be winter but it does) I whip out the crockpot and cook up some chili, soup, pulled pork, meatballs, and anything else I can find a crockpot recipe for. You can pretty much cook ANYTHING in one of these bad boys. The beauty of a crockpot is that no matter what you’re making, the directions are the same. Step 1: Throw everything in. Step 2: Turn it on and let it cook all freakin day! It’s literally that simple. Your entire house will smell incredible and when dinner time rolls around, everything’s done for you. It’s ready to serve right out of the magic vessel that is known as the crockpot. You have about 3 months to get your butt to the store and buy one (for about $30). You’ll be thanking me when November rolls around 🙂

6. Mandoline


My hubby and I were mesmerized when we saw a demo of this mandoline at Walmart. I don’t know what’s scarier: the fact that we thought a device used to slice veggies was the coolest thing we’d ever seen or believing that the only time we could possibly purchase one was at that very moment. They’re all over Walmart shelves to this day at the same exact price, maybe less. Anyway, there are a couple different settings on here. The one we use the most is to slice onions and cucumbers. You can get perfect slices every time which is perfect for veggie platters or anything like that. It works for basically anything you have the need to slice. We don’t use it as often but my favorite setting is what I call the fry setting. You can take a potato or sweet potato and get perfect fry slices. Trust me, it’s pretty amazing.This mandoline may not be as impressive when we use it as to what we saw during the demo but it definitely makes life a whole lot easier.

It’s your turn! We all have our favorite kitchen tools that we swear by. What’s yours? I would LOVE to give it a try and I’m up for anything that makes food prep quicker and easier. COMMENT below 🙂


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