What’s that? Some people call it a blank notebook but I call it success

What's that_ Some people call it a notebook

What’s that? Some people call it a blank notebook but I call it success. This is my food journal and I’d like you to note that the pages for this week are blank. That means I’m doing good!

I’m still on the Keto (low carb high fat) diet and feel like I’ve gotten a better grasp on this stuff. Here are just some of my wins this week.

#1- I bought 4, yes FOUR jars of peanut butter this week. I’ve been eating it every morning over my cream cheese pancakes but never have more than one serving.

#2- I stopped adding Stevia to my pancakes and fat bombs. The cream cheese in the pancakes is sweet enough and same goes for the peanut butter in the fat bombs.

#3- I know I just recently had a huge cheat meal but I’m ready to challenge myself and go longer between cheats. I’m not having any cravings and feel like I don’t need to cheat. Sometimes a certain food sounds good at the time but then I totally forget about it 5 minutes later. I don’t count those as cravings.

#4- Soda tastes way different! I tried a sip of Coke Zero when we were out to dinner on Saturday and I couldn’t believe how syrupy it tasted. I guess I drink too much dang water!

#5- I’ve been UNDER my carb goal all week! I usually go over by at least a few and it’s mostly due to my veggies and peanut butter. But I’ve been planning everything to a T and feel really good about my food choices lately.

#6- I’m feeling fuller! I’ve been focusing on more fat in my diet and it definitely keeps me full longer. My stomach no longer yells at me at 10 AM. Woohoo!

So my big thing right now is Mayo. I’ve been putting it on everything that I possibly can. I know I can have full fat Mayo on this diet but how much Mayo is too much Mayo? Comment below with your insights 🙂

ALSO! If you’re curious as to what this whole Keto diet thing is all about and you want some delicious bacon & cheese in your life, I’m hosting a FREE 5 day Keto focus group next month through a Facebook group. I’ll be sharing a meal plan with my favorite recipes, shopping list, important info about the diet, and daily tips. Comment “I’m in” in the comments below and I’ll add you to the group!


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