September Push up CHALLENGE

I don’t know about you but I could not do push ups to save my life! No amount of cardio will ever help you with your push ups. It’s silly but when I was doing Zumba and dropped a bunch of weight, I felt powerful. I thought I was in the best shape of my life and that I could do anything. I quickly realized this wasn’t true when I switched to doing P90X. So with P90X, my push ups improved tremendously. I was finally able to do them on my toes instead of my knees!! But then I did some other programs without the focus of push ups and totally lost it. When starting Max 30 last month, I felt so weak! I had to go back to modifying on my knees which is so disappointing knowing that I could do them before.

So I decided that I want to be a push up pro. Or at least be able to survive them without being on my knees. I started doing the following challenge and came to realize it’s actually helping so now I’m passing the challenge onto YOU! It starts you off with just a few a day (which I already found challenging) and works you up to 40. That’s a lot!!

What I want you to do:

Follow this challenge. Print it out or schedule it into your calendar. No cheating! I really want you to try doing these on your toes even if you have to take breaks between eat one. Sometimes if I allow myself to “cheat” on my knees I get it in my mind that I simply can’t do them on my toes so I don’t even try. I also want you to let me know how the challenge is going by either commenting below in the comment box or over here on my Facebook page.


It really got challenging for me when I reached 15 push ups. I’m currently going into the third week and I definitely started feeling it in my arms! Good luck everyone. I know you got this!!


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