The weirdest question I ever answered in a blog


I Google a lot of weird stuff. What can I say, I’m curious! Even though I’ve been losing weight for about 4 years now, I’m still a total newbie and ask my good friend Google a ton of questions. So I’ve got a killer question that’s been on my mind ever since starting Insanity Max 30 with Shaun T. It’s actually kind of embarrassing but…

What’s the point of punching your abs??

So in several of the Max 30 workouts, Shaun T. has us sit on the floor with our feet up and we punch our abs for about a minute. My legs will get tired from keeping them up but I don’t really feel it in my abs. Am I missing something?

So apparently when someone tries to punch you in your core, your muscles automatically tighten as part of their defense mechanism. Ab punches keep your core engaged. So the actual punch doesn’t make you stronger, the flexing of the abs does. Interesting! Maybe I’m just beating myself up instead of being strong LOL

If you want a stronger core, Shaun T. recommends pounding on your core for 20 seconds, 5 times, with a 10 second rest in between. Sounds weird but couldn’t hurt right? Oh wait… maybe it could 🙂

Tell me! What random question would you like answered in the next blog? I do have an inquiry about Fit Bits so I’ll be doing some research on that. But seriously! Leave a COMMENT below or over on my Facebook page and let me know what you want to learn about. No question is a dumb question and chances are, I’m just as curious as you!


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