My new favorite dessert. Yes, it involves peanut butter!


Not much food drama to report this week. I am looking forward to my next cheat which will be the Japanese steakhouse with the hubby for our anniversary (Oct 1st). I cannot believe 4 years has gone by so fast! Anyway, we go there every single year for our anniversary and Valentine’s Day. We’re just two steak & rice love birds I guess. 🙂

I’ve been pretty good with not going over my carbs and tracking everything. However, I’ve been getting really frustrated when I can’t easily find my Keto cookbook recipes on My Fitness Pal. Grrr! I’ve been better about not eating snacks after dinner but the urge is still there even when I’m full. I guess I just need to get myself out of that habit!

I’m feeling good about the keto diet so far. Right now my goal is to get more people on board with it. It’s such a controversial diet and I just want others to understand the facts before automatically assuming everyone on the diet will die tomorrow. I recently hosted a 5 day keto group on Facebook and got a huge positive response from it. Some people have already been on the diet and just needed to get back on track and others were totally new to it. I’m hoping I can keep this momentum up!

Everyone always seems to be about nutrition and not so much about exercise from what I can see anyway. When I host healthy eating focus groups with recipes, everyone’s all for it and then when it comes to adding exercise it’s like pulling teeth! Take my jogging group for example. We had a somewhat large group signed up at first and by the time we started, there were only two of us. I don’t get it. I always thought dieting was the difficult part! I honestly believe the two go hand in hand. Sure, you can see incredible results with diet alone but exercising really jump starts the process. It just makes you FEEL better.

Now that I got my two cents in, time for what I REALLY wanted to share with you. So I found my ideal dessert. It’s keto friendly, quick, easy, and only takes two ingredients. Prepare yourself for…


(sorry no picture because we sat on the couch Friday night and devoured the entire bowl in the blink of an eye)

All you have to do is mix 3 TBS peanut butter and 1/4 cup of heavy cream with a mixer until fluffy. It’s really that easy and my God is it incredible!

Many of you know of my peanut butter obsession. I’ve been doing so good!! I had some of that whipped peanut butter two nights last week but only one serving and I’ll occasionally have some melted peanut butter over my cream cheese pancakes but only one spoonful. I feel like I finally have it under control and that is HUGE for me!

Tell me, what’s your favorite healthy dessert. Recipe please 🙂


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