The SECRET to getting rid of those cravings for GOOD

The secret to getting rid of those cravings for good

I have always been in a battle with food. I didn’t know I had a problem at first because I was one of those lucky girls who could eat anything and not gain a pound. I was the same weight all through high school and for most of college. It was in the last year of college after I got married that I realized I wasn’t the tiny girl I once was. I was eating everything in sight and giving into my cravings but I was happy with that. It wasn’t until I made the decision to lose weight that I noticed I had a special connection with food. I was on a low fat diet for a few years doing whole wheat everything and every single fat free product I could find on the shelves. I did lose weight but it was difficult. My whole thing was my cravings. I would do great on my diet until I saw someone eating an Oreo on TV, scrolling through cake recipes on Pinterest, or even hearing the word brownie. As you can tell, I have a bit of a sweet tooth. I went back and forth with how I went about my cheat meals. There were times where I’d have a small snack every week. Most of the time it was a candy bar. But that always had me wanting more and the next thing you’d know I’d be out buying 4 more candy bars. I’ve tried doing full cheat meals each week and had the same problem. I was doing great having only one cheat a month but when I finally had that cheat I was just unstoppable, eating everything in sight. The next day I would have a food hangover and still be wanting more.

I knew there had to be something I could do about it and I knew that others felt the same exact way. When I first heard about the low carb high fat diet, I was skeptical. My cousin is the one who told me about it and he definitely knows his stuff. I also read a lot about it and it started making sense. It was a difficult adjustment because we’re always told that fat is bad. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around how eating bacon could be part of a diet to lose weight. It sounded fun though! So my hubby and I (and turns out the rest of my family too) went low carb.

I heard all the benefits of the crazy diet.. focused mind, increased energy, weight loss, etc. But the one I didn’t believe was the elimination of cravings. Sure, it makes sense that fat fills you up so you don’t end up eating as much (whereas low fat leaves you constantly feeling hungry) and fat satisfies. But these people (the writers of all the low carb books and random people I met online) didn’t know ME. They didn’t know how much of an addiction food was to me. There’s no way that all my cravings would vanish just from cutting carbs. Even I knew that!

But something crazy happened and it worked. I can now walk right past the office donuts without even hesitating. In fact, I am now able to walk down the cookie aisle at the grocery store which I couldn’t do before. I only visit that section of the grocery store to find out what the newest crazy flavored Oreo is, by the way. If you’re anything like me, I know you probably won’t take my word for it. You just have to go on the diet yourself and experience the FREEDOM of finally being in control of food. It really is an incredible experience.

Don’t get me wrong, I still want ice cream and sugary snacks when I see someone else eating them. But give me 5 minutes and I’ve already completely forgotten about it. And I still do enjoy a cheat once a month. Sometimes I do go all out and overeat. But I’m able to get back into control the very next day. And the big thing is I feel GOOD about it. It’s like I know my body needs a treat every 4 weeks and I’m totally OK with that. No guilt here!

There are many names for it. Low carb, Paleo, Keto, etc. but I like to call it the MAGIC diet. It has proven to me that it is possible for a food addict to gain control once again. It has also proven that dieting can taste absolutely delicious. Bacon burger, anyone?

If you want to jump on the low carb bandwagon, COMMENT below and I’ll hook you up with a complete guide to getting started and some of my favorite super easy recipes.


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