3 Reasons why you should modify a new fitness program

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In the beginning of a new fitness program, chances are you’ll want to get through the whole thing and totally rock it. You want results and you want to do this thing the right way. You don’t want to take breaks. You don’t want to skimp on reps. You’re a beast! Of course you should do your best and not give up the first second you feel tired. And yes, you should push yourself to your max. BUT perfection isn’t exactly the best mindset you should have when going into a new fitness program and I’ll tell you why. Here are three reasons why you should MODIFY when starting a new fitness program. Trust me, you’ll still get your results but it takes time!

#1 You’ll be disappointed and give up

Your workouts should be difficult whether it be day #1 or day #30. Workouts that are too easy won’t produce the results you’re looking for. That being said, you will have to WORK HARD. Don’t expect perfection because it won’t happen especially in the beginning. If you were able to do the workouts perfectly, you would have already met your weight loss goals. But you’re not perfect and nobody is. Even the world’s best trainers struggle in certain areas. If you expect to nail it on the first go, I can guarantee you will be disappointed. When that happens, you’ll feel like a failure. You’ll want to give up thinking you’re just not cut out for it. That’s not true! You CAN DO IT but it takes time. Start off on your level and work your way up. You will get there and you will reach your goals one step at a time.

#2 You could get hurt

Trying to keep up with the trainers on your fitness DVD when you’re not ready could result in injury. This is especially true when you aren’t used to exercising at all. Your body isn’t used to doing certain things. If you’re feeling worn out or in pain, you need to take it easy and modify. If you push yourself too hard you could seriously hurt yourself which will set you back on your fitness goals. It’s best to go at your own pace even if it’s slower than have to stop altogether for a week or longer to recover from injury.

#3 Your form may be off

When you’re totally exhausted and just trying to get in those last few reps regardless of form, you aren’t helping yourself. This could also lead to injury or just not the results you were hoping for. Form is everything! Being off on form just a little bit could work a totally different muscle group. Your fitness program was designed to work your whole body and give you maximum results. Not performing at your best won’t get you those results. Instead of just pushing through it, take a water break! Hit the pause button and get back into it when you feel ready.

Confession: I still do push ups on my knees when I’m just too tired to do them for real. But every single time I do them, I improve. I rather do the last half of reps on my knees with good form than half ass it. Most of your workout DVDs will have a modifier that you can follow in the beginning. You may not have to modify throughout the whole workout but it’s there for you when you need it. While you should be modifying as needed, you also don’t want to modify forever. There has to be a time when you improve and move up. I recommend trying to do your workouts unmodified at first and when you feel like you can’t do it, start modifying. That way you know when you’re improving.

Don’t feel down on yourself if you have to modify. Everyone once started out where you are right now. Me working out in the beginning was a JOKE. I was terrible! And like I said, I still have to modify in certain areas. I know you can do this and I want you to start believing in yourself! YOU GOT THIS!


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