Let loose every once in awhile and eat some carbs!


Tomorrow is October!! It’s beginning to feel more like fall and I’m excited for all the holidays coming up. Of course it is challenging trying to eat healthy around this time of year. I’m planning a keto Halloween party that I’m pretty excited about though. I’ll have to get creative with some low carb candy šŸ™‚

Tomorrow is also my anniversary and we’re going out to dinner to our normal place, a Japanese steakhouse. It’s hard to hide from carbs with all that rice so it will definitely be a cheat night. And since we’re going as far as a cheat, we’re also going to enjoy a little ice cream for dessert since we both LOVE & miss it so much.

I usually only enjoy a cheat when I’m really needing it and that isn’t the case this time. Sometimes it’s just about living life. I could choose to stay home and make dinner or I can go to the same place we go every year and enjoy reminiscing on the past four years with my hubby. That’s more important to me.

My point is, while you make healthy choices 90% of the time, you also can’t let food hold you back. Let loose every once in awhile and eat some carbs! Life’s way too short to be serious all of the time, right? Tell me, how will YOU get a little crazy on your next cheat meal? COMMENT below or over on my Facebook page.


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