How to get more done when working from home

How to get more done when working from home

I would like to start by saying I’m currently sitting outside on my lanai on this absolutely GORGEOUS day working off my phone. Living in Florida, it’s rare that we get a nice fall day so I’m pretty much living outside all weekend.

That’s the beauty of being able to work from home. You can usually find something you can work on outside so you’re not cooped up in the home office all day. Smartphones definitely come in handy for this!

But working from home isn’t all fun & games. Keep in mind I do work in an office from 8 to 5 Monday through Friday at my full time job. After using my brain (yes, I do use it sometimes) all day long, I’m drained by the time I get home. Somehow I manage to get work done in the evenings on my own business. On the weekends I have more time to focus but that doesn’t mean it actually happens. I’ve struggled with getting my head in gear when I have so many distractions like a kitchen full of food, TV, the couch, a really good book, and my hubby who I always want to spend time with. But I have found a few things that work for me. Read on for my top tips for getting more work done at home.

First off, the number one thing you’re probably thinking is that you can work in your pj’s or sweat pants. The ultimate dream, huh? BUT I suggest the opposite. I know when I get home from my full time job all I want to do it get changed into more relaxing clothes. But as soon as I do that, I enter relaxation mode. I get lazy and can’t focus. You have to treat this like an actually job. Act like you’re heading to the office, even on the weekends. Get that to do list done first and then feel free to lounge around!

You can get done the majority of your tasks in just one hour. I call them my power hours and I do them daily. I choose the main tasks on my to do list that need to be done. These are the things that will drive my business forward and absolutely need to be completed. I get anything that I need to work on these tasks. I open any computer documents I’ll be working on and grab my notebook. I then set my phone timer to go off in an hour and I get focused. I know I only have an hour to get done as much as possible. That means no Facebook and no dilly dallying! Just get it done!! You definitely have to get yourself in the zone for this but once you’re there, you’re unstoppable.

Make sure you’re making wise decisions. You’ll always be faced with choosing to either spend your time working or having a social life. Both are important and you shouldn’t have to give either up. But it’s all about balance. I plan ahead for everything even my food choices. If I know I have something to do on a Sunday and I don’t want to worry about work all day, I get super focused on Saturday and get everything done. I may have to pick up some slack on Monday but I prepare myself for it. Before committing to other plans, ask yourself how these plans can potentially help you. Maybe you need some inspiration and spending time with friends will clear your mind and bring on new ideas. Don’t commit to things you don’t want to do or don’t have time for. That’s just a recipe for stress!

Make it clear that just because you work from home, you are in fact working. I’m sure there are a lot of people that think I hang out on Facebook all day and get no real work done. Well that is half true. I spend most of my time on social media but that doesn’t mean I’m not hard at work! Friends may assume that since you’re home, you can drop everything you’re doing at any given time. Set working hours for yourself and make these clear to your friends. They’ll know not to bother you at these times plus it shows your commitment to your business.

Enjoy your personal time without working. Like I’ve mentioned, I do a lot of work on social media and Instagram and Facebook never sleeps. I’m constantly getting messages, comments, and questions on my phone. It’s enough to drive someone insane! At a certain point, I shut off my phone. I don’t look at my notifications and I focus on family time. Don’t let work blend into your personal life too much. You need time for you!

Although there are numerous struggles, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Did I mention I was working outside in the gorgeous weather today?? This is truly living the life! If you’re not working from home yet, I can help you get on board. COMMENT below if running your own business from home and creating your own hours has always been your dream. It’s time to make it happen! 🙂


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