WARNING: Do not attempt this on a low carb diet!!

Do not attempt this on a low carb diet!!

So my mom’s in town this week along with my step dad, pop pop and aunt. Woohoo!! I love spending time with my family. And my family is for the most part on a low carb diet like I am so I’ve been really good about staying on track. A little too good at it actually…

So I discovered something that I need to warn you all about. This is totally crazy but I’m 100% serious. This is a WARNING!

It’s kind of funny after the fact but I really don’t want you to screw up the way I did.

I rarely drink but since my family was in town I thought I’d have a drink or two with them. I was smart about it though, or at least I thought. So I decided to drink vodka and raspberry seltzer which is totally carb free. Score! And it actually tasted pretty good. I didn’t make my drinks strong because I knew I’d probably be a lightweight since I haven’t had a drink in awhile and I only had three drinks all night. I was perfectly fine and sober (maybe with a little buzz) all night. Seriously, no one thought I was drunk at all and I didn’t feel it whatsoever. I was walking around fine until..

We went to leave and I (apparently) couldn’t even stand. It happened so instantly and I can’t remember a thing that happened that night not even all the conversations I had with my family when I was perfectly fine!

I never had anything like that happen to me especially so suddenly. Normally you can tell when you’ve had too much but this was one minute sober, the next black out drunk. If I wasn’t with family, I’d seriously think I’ve been drugged. I couldn’t figure it out.

Apparently,  the seltzer and vodka combo intensifies your buzz..by a lot! And I’m not the only one who has experienced this.

It could be that everyone just reacts differently but I just want to throw it out there that I strongly suggest you be careful when trying this drink. It was so not worth it. I think I’d rather have the carbs!!

Tell me, have you ever experienced this with vodka and seltzer? What is your low carb drink of choice? COMMENT below 🙂


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