The silly task that can help you lose weight

The silly task that can help you

My mid week blogs started out as being my personal food diary. I once struggled with cravings and binge eating. That’s when I started writing (yes actual pen to paper) in my food diary to figure out what some of my triggers were. I would actually start laughing as a wrote in my diary because some of the things that run through my head when I’m in the “If I don’t get my hands on an Oreo ASAP I might murder someone” mindset were just hilarious. I couldn’t keep that to myself because I know we’ve all been there. So I started blogging my entries. Yes, this is the silly task you can do to lose weight but I’ll get into that later. Anyway, you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been writing those types of blog posts anymore and it’s not just because I’ve gotten lazy. I actually haven’t had anything to write!

Maybe it’s the low carb keto diet. Maybe I’ve just been keeping myself super busy. Or maybe the combination of the two. But the point is, I honestly haven’t been having any cravings. I haven’t been sneaking off to the kitchen for late night snacks. And I haven’t been overeating at meals either. I do my 3 meals a day and make sure I get in enough fat to fill me up until my next meal. I keep it super simple and I don’t worry about it so much. I’m not gonna lie, frozen yogurt with every topping and french fries soaked in cheese sounds incredible. But I wouldn’t say I’m CRAVING it. It would be nice to have but I can deal without it. That’s how I’ve been viewing carbs/sugar these days.

Oh and going to the fall festival on Saturday was a struggle. Funnel cake, corn dogs, ice cream, kettle corn, donuts, candy apples.. they bring back memories and I really did want a little treat. But I survived it!

Now going back to my whole point with the food diary. I don’t want you to think it was a failure. It’s actually a very effective way to overcome eating problems. I want to say nutritionists or maybe therapists recommend it but I could be making that up. I’m not writing in mine currently because I have nothing to write but when I did use it, it would be right when I feel like snacking, right before a cheat meal or after it, and after a binge. I would get down on paper the exact feelings I was experiencing in that moment. Then I would analyze my entries to try to find a theme. I realized that I got in snack mode when I was bored (mostly on the weekends) or when I was stressed. I’ve learned little tricks to help me with it though. When I’m lounging around the house on a Saturday, I make sure to drink a lot of water to keep me from eating ALL day. I also try to plan things with friends and get out of the house any chance I can.

Remember that everyone is different which is why YOU need to start your own food journal. Just grab a cheap notebook and jot down how you’re feeling whenever you get the urge to stuff your face. It seems silly but 100% serious! It doesn’t have to be a formal entry. Just get that emotion down. I honestly think this can really help you make healthier decisions in the future. Trust me, it works! Don’t worry you don’t have to go public with it like I have 🙂


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