6 Low carb party snack ideas that will shock your guests

Join us for a spooky evening of trick or treating!

Can you believe Halloween is a measly 5 days away? Eek!! I feel like I’m totally slacking this year. Don’t have my costume ready, still have to get a snack for the work party, no candy for trick or treaters and still have to plan out finger food for the party at our place Halloween night. Am I the only one way behind this year?? Anyway, just because it’s the holiday of candy doesn’t mean you have to eat like crap. If you’re on a low carb diet, you’re in luck because it’s so much fun to throw together delicious snacks. Wrap anything in bacon and you’re good! Although I may not have treats in the traditional sense, I do have some tricks up my sleeve. Here’s how you can sneak in low carb party snacks that will totally chock your guests.

Chips and dip.. Minus the chips..

When I think snacks for a party, the first thing that comes to mind are chips and dip. I found over a dozen incredibly delicious looking dips all of which happen to be low carb. There’s cheesy bacon, buffalo chicken, pizza, you name it! Only one problem. If you can’t use chips, what do you use as a dipper? I’ve come up with a few solutions. You can go the veggie route with cucumbers, celery, and green peppers. Or you can do the whole melted cheese in the oven trick. The cheese melts and hardens, turning it into a chip. OR you can be a total badass and eat the dip straight outta the bowl with a spoon.

Cheese and pepperoni do NOT need crackers

Crackers to me are just a carrier for the good stuff, the meat and cheese. Just ditch those carb crisps once and for all!

Include bacon, and lots of it!

You can wrap just about anything in bacon and call it an appetizer. Think about it. Bacon wrapped meatballs, asparagus, hot dogs, avocado, poppers.. Get creative enough with the bacon and your guests will forget all about the carbs.

Fat bombs

Let’s face it, fat bombs are candy to the low carb dieter. Some of us can’t survive without them. Make a batch of peanut butter chocolate, mint chocolate or coconut chocolate to play off your favorite candies. Or go with something pumpkin related. Just don’t tell your friends what’s in them. I tend to get strange looks when I eat butter & coconut oil “bombs”.

Desserts don’t have to be bad

So many people think desserts are off limits when on a diet. FALSE! All you really need is a little Stevia and you have yourself a low carb treat. You can make crust-less cheesecake, peanut butter cookies (without flour), sugar free jello, whipped peanut butter, fudge, you name it. Your friends will never know that these are low carb, they are that good!


I prefer my guests to bring their own drinks, alcohol or otherwise but some zero carb options include vodka, gin, whiskey, and rum. Just be sure to mix it with coke zero or something along those lines.

I think it’s so fun getting creative with low carb recipes. My peeps are always surprised by what I can actually eat on my diet and still lose weight. If you’re having people over this Halloween or bringing a dish to a party, I wanna know what fun snack you’re whipping up. COMMENT below with your favorite dish and recipe if you have it! Here’s my menu:

Cheese stuffed meatballs wrapped in Bacon

Cheesy bacon dip with cucumbers and celery

Cheese and pepperoni platter

Bacon wrapped stuffed jalapeños

Sugar free jello cups with whipped cream


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